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My son turned 13 in March.  The month of March in the Seattle area is always rainy and cold.  Not the best time for a birthday--according to my son.  His request was to wait until the summer to celebrate.  So we did just that with a Camping Party at the Beach--in June.  Take a look.

I scored some high mom points with this Campfire Cake.  My son called it 'EPIC!'  I also set up a fun dessert table, because...well, I like to.  My son and his friends had no complaints!

Snacks and treats included:
Trail Mix
S'mores Fixings
S'mores Pops (Marshmallows dipped in chocolate, sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs on a skewer.)
Matches (Large pretzel rods with the ends dipped in red candy coating.)
Fire Chips (Spicy Doritos)
Camping Snacks (Mini pigs in a blanket.)

So, back to this 'epic' Campfire Cake.  My son requested a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  I delivered with this 2 layer yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and Hershey's chocolate shavings.
For the fire on top, I scrolled Pinterest for ideas and tips.  I settled on Pirouette cookies for the logs.  All '13' candles were bunched together for the awesome real flame.  And for the candy flames, I melted cinnamon Jolly Ranchers and butterscotch candies on a cookie sheet in the oven.  Swirled them a bit and let them cool, then broke the candy into flame-like pieces.  The pieces were stuck directly into the cake to look like fire.  Very impressive!

The best part of any party is the activities.  These boys were not bored at this fact we wore them out!

First up was the water battle.  The boys took to the kayaks and row boats with their squirt guns.  So nice to have an instant squirt gun refill source.  This was quite the battle!

 Back on land, the battle moved to the driftwood forts.  Bunker against bunker.

Swimming in the nearby lagoon proved to be a little too cold for some?  Cold, really?  It was only 80 degrees outside!

A HUGE and crazy squirt gun, water balloon, water fight broke out against the neighbor kids.  My husband and I sat back and laughed our heads off watching these boys get drenched! 

And of course, perfect s'mores making.  I'm proud to say that we finally have a boy scout that can make a fire and wait for the coals BEFORE roasting marshmallows!  Shocking, I know.

The boys opted out of sleeping in the tent...can you believe that it was too hot?!  (We've had such amazing weather!)
After a night of sleeping inside, they woke up to a birthday breakfast--pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream.  My kid was in heaven!

Other activities included:  Mario Kart Wii challenge, Army Guy War... (It amazes me that after all these years, my kid still loves to play with his army guys!  Scroll down to see his Army Guy Birthday Party when he was 7!  Some things never change.)

and a picture taking Beach Scavenger Hunt (created by my son).

What a party!  I have a feeling that both kids will ask for summer birthdays next year, too!

Want to have your own camping themed party?  Click here to print these simple labels.

Here's some more of my son's birthday parties. 

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Giving dad a Lowe's gift card for Father's Day?
It seems like we do every year! 

This year I thought..."Surely I can come up with something a bit more creative when handing dad a gift card." 

Easy, clever and much more showy than a plain ol' gift card, don't you think?  You can easily make one, too.

Start with a Lowes gift card...of course.
Lighty adhere it to a piece of blue cardstock.

Print out the tag.  Click here to print your own.

Adhere the tag on the top half of the gift card. 

Punch a hole and thread some curling ribbon through.

Tie it up and add a message on the back.  And just like that-- your boring ol' Lowe's gift card is now a real presentation! 

Happy Father's Day!

Here's another gift card idea:

Amazon Amazing Gift Card
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A last minute, end-of the school year treat to hand out to friends.
Quick, cute and simple. 

Purchase these mini cereal boxes in your grocery store and print out the tags on cardstock. 


 Click here to print your own.

Tape the tag directly to the box...or

tie it on with some baker's twine.

Pass out to friends on the last day of school.  Happy Summer!

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Have a golf-lovin', 'tee-rific' dad in the house?
Here's a golf-themed party that will have the whole family celebrating.
 Start with a few 'choice' golf puns.  Click here to print your own.

Add in a brunch menu full of golf terms.
Start with sipping some Arnold Palmers--
half lemonade, half iced tea.
Large potato fries become, Potato 'Wedges'.

Water hazards made with blue jello and one white Sixlet candy for the golf ball-- steal the show.

Shoestring potato chips in shot glasses are cleverly named,
'Chip Shots'.

Layered 'Par'-faits go well with this party.

Individual egg dishes are named 'Bunker Bowls'

Chocolate chip pancakes make great 'Sand Traps'.
Hard boiled eggs are labeled, 'Birdie' Eggs.
And the bacon is called, 'Bogey Bacon'.

Cut and display fruit as 'Slices'.
Click here to print your own food labels.

And how about some 'Tee Off' Cupcakes? 
Real golf tees inserted inside the cupcakes with a powdered sugar donut on top. Green frosting to resemble grass.

Create a fun backdrop with real golf clubs and a banner that reads,
'Just Fore Dad'.

Decorate the table with turf, golf balls and tees.

Be sure to take lots of photos...

and finish off the party with a competitive game of putting.

Here's some more Father's Day Party Ideas:

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