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Have a girlfriend turning 50? Need a gift to give her? 
Here's a fun idea to celebrate 50 years with 50 affirmations of who God says she is.
Now this is the way to celebrate a big birthday!
(You could also make this work for a friend with a 20th, 25th, 30th or even a 40th birthday. Keep reading to see how.)

We all need to be reminded of the scripture truths of who God says we are...especially when we turn a year older! The Bible is filled with so many affirmations that reveal God's amazing love for us. These are not because of who we are, but because of WHOSE we are. We are His.
We are His creation...created in His image, for a plan and a purpose and for His glory.
When we know and believe these things, we can live with confidence and assurance that we are greatly loved no matter what! No matter what mistakes we've done, choices we've made or issues we're dealing with...WE ARE LOVED! No matter how we feel or how old we are-- we are deeply loved by God. 
What better time to remind a friend of this---than on a milestone birthday!
Here's how I put this together. 

50 Affirmations of Who God Says I Am

I found a sweet faux floral arrangement at Home Goods that had a foam base in it. The foam base inside the pot allows sticks and skewers to be easily placed into it. Be sure to double check your arrangement and make sure it isn't a solid acrylic block that won't let you add sticks into it. Your arrangement can be any color, but I chose a white one for my friend.

Christian Gift for a 50-year old

Click here to print out the affirmations and the 50 card. There are actually 55 affirmations in case you want to pick and choose your favorite ones. Trim them all up into rectangles using a paper cutter. Need a good paper cutter? (affiliate linked) I like this one.

50 Christian Affirmations Gift Idea @michellepaigeblogs.com50 Affirmations of Who God Says I Am
(Affiliate links to help you find products.)

Use 50 paper cookie sticks, wooden skewers or plastic treat sticks.
Use the 6", 8" or 12" sticks depending on how tall your arrangement is.
Use 1 longer stick or skewer for the 50 sign (or another milestone #) to place in the middle of the arrangement.

50 Affirmations of Who God Says I Am

Use a piece of tape to stick each affirmations to the sticks.
Tie on a small piece of ribbon in a simple knot. I found my ribbon at the DollarTree.

Christian Gift for a 50-year old @michellepaigeblogs.com50 Christian Affirmations Gift Idea

Christian Gift for a 50-year old @michellepaigeblogs.com50 Christian Affirmations Gift Idea

Now the fun part...start sticking the affirmation sticks in the floral arrangement-- place them all the way around. Be sure to place the 50 card high above the arrangement in the center. 

Christian Gift for a 50-year old @michellepaigeblogs.com50 Affirmations of Who God Says I Am

I gave my friend this gift for her birthday and told her to put the affirmation sticks in a jar (or around her home) after she reads each one. That way she can enjoy the flower arrangement and continue to enjoy reading the affirmation sticks.

Gift for a 50-Year-Old @michellepaigeblogs.com50 Christian Affirmations Gift Idea

Of course if you'd like to give this gift to a 20, 25, 30 or 40 year-old, you definitely could! Just count out the appropriate number of affirmations and change out the large number card.
Click here to print a 20, 25, 30, 40 or 50 Affirmation Card.
Click here to print off the Affirmations.

Here's some more fun birthday gift ideas!

Birthday gift for a 50 year old

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Need another quick gift idea for teachers, friends, co-workers...anyone! How about some mittens or gloves stuffed with fun treats? It's quick, fun and will be very appreciated!
Take a look.

Hand's Down You're the Best teacher gift

Gather up some (affiliate link) mittens or stretch gloves, mini lotions, soaps or these anti-bacterial hand gels. Put any fun treat or hand-related gifts inside the mittens.

Stretch gloves for a fun gift giving idea@michellepaigeblogs.comGift giving ideas

I put anti-bacterial hand gels and chocolates inside mine!

Gift giving ideas

Print out the tags on cardstock, click here.

Gift giving ideas @michellepaigeblogs.comHand it to you pun gift

Write a note on the back of the cards, whole punch and tie on using (affiliate link) baker's twine wrapped around the mitten's cuffs. 

Printable pun cards for winter gift giving

Hand deliver to all your people!

Hands Down pun gift for teachers.

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Thankful Tree-Themed Cards and Tags

Ah, November. The month of gratitude and thankfulness. How can you not love this month?

There is something amazing about saying 'thank you' to someone that actually makes YOU (the giver of the 'thank you') feel so good. That's the power of gratitude. When we give thanks, we take our eyes off ourselves and place it on others. And when we move our thoughts off of ourselves, good things happen. We have a new mindset, a healthy attitude and a selfless heart that brings joy no matter what our circumstances. 

Tree-mendous pun thankful tags

I love to tell people thank you and if I can tell them thanks with a cute little card and treat...even better! Check out these printable thank you tags you can use all season long.
Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter and Christmas.

Thankful Tree-Themed Cards and Tags

I love these Reeses's chocolate peanut butter trees candies. Have you seen them in your stores? If not, (affiliate link) click here. These candy trees work perfectly with any of the tags. Just tape a small size onto the back of each tag and hand out to those you want to say 'thanks' to.

Tree-mendous pun thankful tags

You could also use these tags with other candy or chocolates that have a tree printed on the packaging. Look how fun this Andes Mint chocolate bar looks with the Christmas thankful tag. Hole punch tag and tie on with a coordinating ribbon.

Thankful Tree-Themed Cards and Tags

These also work well with gifts with leaves printed on them. This is my current favorite smelling hand soap this year from Bath & Body Works....White Coconut Caramel! Oh wow!

Thankful Tree-Themed Cards and Tags @michellepaigblogs.comTree-mendous pun thankful tags

Another fun idea is to use this tag on a mini Christmas tree or plant. Hole punch the tag and tie with ribbon directly on the tree. What a fun and festive gift!

Thankful Tree-Themed Cards and Tags @michellepaigblogs.comThankful Tree-Themed Cards and Tags

I hope you find lots of ways to use these tags...
Scroll down for some more tree gift ideas I found online.

 Click here to print Tree-Mendous Tags
Thankful tree Pun tag to give

 Click here to print Happy Thanksgiving Tree-Mendous Tags

Thankful tag to print and give

Click here to print Merry Christmas Tree-Mendous Tags
Christmas tree-themed gift tag to print

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50th tags to print

Got a friend or a loved one turning 50? Here's a quick and fun idea.
Purchase a flower bouquet, potted plant or even an empty vase and fill it with these fun 50th tags.
Here's how.
1. Gather your supplies:
-A flower bouquet or a potted plant.
-Wooden skewers
-tape, stapler, scissors

Printable 50th birthday tags

2. Print the 50th cards on cardstock. Click here.

50th birthday printable tags

4. After printing, trim cards.
5. Tape cards to wooden skewers.
6. Optional: tape or staple a card to the back of each skewer so they're double-sided.
I used the #50 cards for the back of the written cards.

Printable 50th birthday tags @michellepaigeblogs.comGift for a 50-year-old

7. Be sure to write a little note on the back of at least one of the cards.
8. Using ribbon, tie a knot below each card and trim the ends.

Printable 50th birthday tags

9. Stick skewers into plant or flower bouquet.

Gift for a 50-year-old

10. Hand deliver to the new 50-year-old!
This works well for a front porch delivery or as a centerpiece for a 50th party.
I added vinyl 50 numbers to a pumpkin to go with this gift for my cousin. She finally turned 50 this year...I'm a year older!

Printable 50th birthday tags @michellepaigeblogs.comGift for a 50-year-old

Gift for a 50-year-old

Print your own 50 cards. Click here.

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