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Here's a sweet little treat to give those who have served a 'role' in your group, your class, your church, your life... You get the picture. (This post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.)

These little treats were made for the women that help me run our Ladies Bible Study.  If you've ever been involved in church ministry, you know that it's so important to thank the volunteers.  The whole program wouldn't even exist without them!  Their help is invaluable and I love to spoil them with my many pun gifts. 

If I had all the time in the world, I would have MADE them cinnamon rolls (they so deserve it!), but I'm always short on time, so I just ran to the store and brought home these 'very addicting' mini cinnamon rolls and Tootsie Rolls candies.

These candy cups/cupcake liners are from Pick Your Plum, but are not available at this time.  I found these party candy cups online that are very similar.  Two mini cinnamon rolls fit perfectly.
My cellophane treat bags didn't stand up on their own, so I taped down a piece of brown card stock inside the bottom of the bags.

Click here to print 'Role' blank...and write in your own saying.

Using brown card stock, cut rectangles into 5" x 4". (This size fit my bags perfectly.)  Fold in half, pressing the seam with a bone folder.

Adhere the printed tags onto the card stock using a glue stick.

Fill bag with cinnamon roll cup and a few candies.  Insert top of bag inside the card stock label and staple each side.

Write a note on the back and hand deliver. 

This isn't the first time I've used the 'roll' pun.  Remember this 'Rollin' in the New Year Party?

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Need a fun game to play at the table for Mother's Day this year? This game is for all ages and it's so simple, that everyone enjoys playing it.  Even if a child doesn't know their left and their right, they'll still have fun following everyone else.
It's called the Left Right Passing Game.  You may have seen or played a Christmas version...but I wrote up a version perfect for Mother's Day.
Here's how it works.

1.  Assemble identical wrapped favors for each player.  The winning favor will need to have a special note or message inside. 

You could use lunch size paper sacks, or mini boxes or create these tissue paper pouches that I did.  One favor needs to have a special note or sticker that will be found when the favor is unwrapped.
For my pouches, I placed 3 chocolate kisses in a 3-layered tissue paper square and tied it up with ribbon.  We had 16 people, so I made 16 pouches.  **For the winning favor, I added a little note that said Happy Mother's Day, before tying it with ribbon.

2.  Print out the script- click here and assign a person to be the reader.  The reader will not play the game, but instead will read the script aloud.

3.  Each time the reader says RIGHT, everyone passes their favor to the right.  When the reader says LEFT, everyone passes their favor to the left.

4.  When the script is over, everyone opens the favor that they ended up with. The one with the note inside is the winner of a special prize.
Our winner, my brother-in-law, received a box of licorice and a floral printed gardening trowel for mom. He immediately handed the trowel to his wife--perfect!

We enjoyed this game so much, we plan to play it again this Mother's Day.

***Here's a little preview of the game.
MOTHER’S DAY SCRIPT  (To be read aloud.)
OK everyone, here’s the rules.  When you hear the word RIGHT, you pass to the RIGHT.  When you hear the word LEFT, you pass to the LEFT.  Pay close attention, so you won’t be LEFT behind.  ALRIGHT?  Let’s get started.
***Just a reminder—today is Mother’s Day.  The RIGHT answer to every question is Mom.  (Father’s Day is in June.)
A RIGHT and LEFT Tribute to Moms
Moms are a special gift from God.  He made them with just the RIGHT amount of love, care and wisdom.  He gave them an extra dose of patience, hugs and understanding, too.

Remember when you LEFT your toys out on the floor, who was there to help you pick them up?  Mom, RIGHT?  Or when you LEFT your lunch at home or LEFT the house without a coat or LEFT without your special permission slip…who came to your rescue?  Mom, RIGHT?

Click here to print the entire script. Happy Mother's Day to you!

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I always love to set a festive table for our Mother's Day celebrations.  Here's a quick and showy centerpiece idea that you can create for your table this year.

Inexpensive styrofoam letters, covered in flowers spell out 'MOM'--no matter what side of the table you're viewing them from.  How perfect is that?  (Gotta love a palindrome that can be viewed backwards correctly!)

Look how easy these are to make.
(*This post contains affilate links to help you find products.  All opinions are 100% mine.  No product was given to me.)
Styrofoam letters, MOM were purchased at a craft store.  My letters were about 10" tall.  I sprayed a very light coat of Krylon Spray Paint, Gloss Watermelon over the letters.  Warning:  The chemicals in spray paint destroys stryofoam!  Do not do multiple, heavy coatings.  I did one VERY LIGHT coat and thankfully, the paint didn't 'eat' up the foam.  


Pink hydrangea blooms were purchased at the Dollar Store.
I bought 8 bushels and picked the blooms off the stems.

Each bloom had a plastic piece which made them stick into the styrofoam easily.  You could add a touch of glue to the bottom of each bloom to secure them to the centerpiece even more.

Place the blooms tight and close together.  I only covered the front, backs and tops of the letters.  Leave the bottom of the letters without blooms, so the letters can stand up easily.

I ended up displaying our letters on white cake stands in the center of our table.

They also were the perfect photo prop!

Happy Mother's Day!


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My niece turned 13 last week.  She posted a selfie on Instagram that read, 'Finally a teenager!!!'I knew she wanted money for clothes for her birthday, but there's not much fun in opening a card with money in it, is there?

I guess I should's not a very fun gift to give.  So I made it fun by packaging up a 'party in a box'--with money inside an envelope at the bottom.  

I did it pretty quickly, too.
Birthday craft paper was cut to size and glued onto the flaps of the plain cardboard box.

 A few colorful goodies were placed in the box.
-Confetti Cupcake Pop Tarts
-Air Heads Bites
-Bubblegum lip gloss
-heart shaped post-its
-hot pink loofah
-party blowers
-balloons (I inflated water balloons.)
(All supplies came from Target.)

Polka dot tissue paper was layered throughout.  The inflated balloons were squeezed inside the box, before taping it shut.
I wrapped the box with festive polka dot paper.

Thick, pink ribbon, a washi tape tag and a party blower completed the package..
Click here to see how I made the washi tape tags.
Now this looks like a party!

Back of tag read:

 The possibilities are endless with this 'party in a box idea'.

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