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Need another quick gift idea for teachers, friends, co-workers...anyone! How about some mittens or gloves stuffed with fun treats? It's quick, fun and will be very appreciated!
Take a look.

Hand's Down You're the Best teacher gift

Gather up some (affiliate link) mittens or stretch gloves, mini lotions, soaps or these anti-bacterial hand gels. Put any fun treat or hand-related gifts inside the mittens.

Stretch gloves for a fun gift giving idea@michellepaigeblogs.comGift giving ideas

I put anti-bacterial hand gels and chocolates inside mine!

Gift giving ideas

Print out the tags on cardstock, click here.

Gift giving ideas @michellepaigeblogs.comHand it to you pun gift

Write a note on the back of the cards, whole punch and tie on using (affiliate link) baker's twine wrapped around the mitten's cuffs. 

Printable pun cards for winter gift giving

Hand deliver to all your people!

Hands Down pun gift for teachers.

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