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LEGO playing never gets old at our house. 
I'm not sure I'll ever understand my son and his LEGO obsession?
The kid has millions of pieces...
does he really need the newest LEGO kit?
  He sure thinks so.

My son has shared his LEGO love with his younger cousins.
(I'm not sure how my sister-in-law feels about this?) 

These LEGO Valentines are for the cousins.

I found these minifigures packs at Target
during their After Christmas sale. 

I snatched them up as fast as I could!
I did find the packs on Amazon too, if you're interested.
Affiliate link included.
Or, if you really have some time on your hands, 
you could make your own minifigures
with chocolate or with saltdough. 
Click here for that LEGO saltdough post that almost killed us.
Back to the Valentine...

Print out a LEGO tag. 
(This is a Google Docs file, not to be edited. Once opened you'll need to scroll down to see printable.)
Click here for the link.

Fold labels right above the frame to make a bag topper.
Trim to fit.
Staple label to LEGO package.

Give to all the LEGO lovers in your life.

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To see my son's LEGO birthday party, click here.

To see my son's
LEGO storage and building table, click here.

(Now do you see the obsession?)

Click here for my A to Z Valentine list of printable valentines. 33 ideas and counting!

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You Take the Cake!
I've pulled together some Valentine Heart Cakes to
take to a gathering tonight.
You know me...I want something quick and cute.

(Pretty cute, don't you think?  They're definitely quick!)
Here's the supplies I used:

A box of Little Debbie Be My Valentine Cakes
Cupcake liners
Decorative tape
Plastic cups (optional)
Print out these tags on cardstock or photopaper.

Trim tags and attach to a toothpick with tape.
I used red plastic toothpicks and washi tape to make mine.
Stick the toothpick label right into the cake.
Easily deliver this to a friend by
placing the liner and cake inside a plastic cup.
Tonight, I've got a whole tray ready to take to church.
They're perfect to give to our youth leaders
as we sit through a meeting.
You don't think they'll mind an early Valentine treat, will they?

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Little Squirt and Splash Valentines

StarBURST Valentines

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No candy needed for these Splash Valentines...

You can quickly make these with a trip to the Dollar Store.
(and the grocery store--if buying water bottles.)
Purchase a couple Funny Squirting Sea Life packages
  from the Dollar Store.

Printout these cards on cardstock or photo paper.
If you print on cardstock, use Glue Dots, (I LOVE GlueDots!)
or double-stick tape to attach the squirters. 
If you print on photo paper, use a drop of hot glue.

Place adhesive on the bottom of each squirter animal
 and attach to the card.

 Quick, cute and easy!
Have your child sign the back of the card.

You can hand these Valentines out, just like this,
or add a cute little water bottle with a label to go with it.

Print out labels, trim, attach with a Glue dot or double stick tape. 


 I'm not sure the teachers will appreciate my creativity?
It's not a candy valentine, so they've got to give me a passing grade, don't you think? 
All teachers can handle a little friendly water squirting, right? 
Thank goodness I'm not in the classroom anymore!

I also found these adorable Cutie Bath Squirters
at the Dollar Store.

I had to purchase one for my littlest nephew...(he's 2.)

I made a cute little tag...

...and attached it right to the packaging with 2 staples.
Got any cute 'little squirts' in your life?

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StarBURST Valentines

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We're bursting with valentine love around here!
Check out these simple and easy Valentines
to make with Starburst candies.


Purchase the Starburst Valentine
Jellybean Mini Treat Boxes
at your grocery store.

(Have you tasted these Starburst jellybeans? 
They're amazing!  I'm not really a jellybean lover, but these red and pink babies are sooo good!)
Here's the steps.
I'm sure you could figure out how to make these just by looking at the picture above,
however...these colors were photographing so well, that I couldn't stop myself...
So here's the step-by-step process.
(what is it about red, pink and yellow?)

Step 1:
Glue on the pom with hot glue.
Step 2:
Make your own tags, or print out these.

Click on this link for tags.
Trim tags.


Step 3:

Tape tag to pipe cleaner with
washi tape or scotch tape.

Step 4:

Push a hole in the top of the boxes.
Step 5:
Insert in the pipe cleaners.

Hand out to friends.

 Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm leading a new Women's Bible Study at my church this winter.
At our first meeting, I gave all the small group leaders one of these
with this tag.

 One of the leaders looked at me and said, "You have way too much time on your hands."
I said, "Oh no, no, no...I get energy from being creative."
She gave me a funny look.
I'm not sure people understand the crafty types?
Wait until she sees the Valentine treat coming her way!

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