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I've got another college care package idea for you.
This one completely ROCKS!
Yep, all kinds of rock puns and treats to pack up for your favorite college kid. Take a look.

Rock puns for a College Care Package

For this package, I chose my favorite rock puns and crafted up some printable rock tags to print out and attach to every item in the care package.

I included these rock related items, but trust me--there's a lot more 'rockin' items out there to include in a rock-themed box.

Pop Rocks candies
Chocolate rocks
Rocky Road candy bar
Fruity Pebbles cereal
Handmade pet rock
Clif bar
Hershey's Nuggets
Mountain Dew soda
Ring Pops

I hot glued wiggly eyes onto real rocks I found on Camano Island. I couldn't help myself. If you're going to give a rock-themed gift, it should definitely have a pet rock!

Rock puns for a College Care Package

Because we were able to visit the college students at our Alma Mater, I packaged their goodies in a gift bag to hand deliver.

Rock puns for a College Care Package

I also boxed up 2 sets of these rock packages for my daughter and her roommate in Alaska. Yep, my kid chose a far-away hand delivering those. Thankfully everything arrived just fine- well, sort of. I did hear that the chocolate candy rocks exploded all over the package. Oh well.

Of course these rock gift ideas could easily be adapted to give as little gifts. They could encourage a friend, cheer on a child, or even be taped around a kid's bedroom for encouragement. 

Rock puns for a College Care Package

Click here to print your own rock pun tags.

Here's some more college care package ideas for you:

Stick With It!           
Stick with it!  College finals care package ideas   

Orange Survival Study Sack                       
Orange foods and treats for gift package. 

Brighten Up Your Semester!
Yellow themed gift ideas

SMART Gift Bag                                     
Creative college care package ideas   

Caramel Apple Dippin' Kit
Package up apples, caramel and toppings to give as gifts.

SNAP To It!                                                            

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I'm always looking for small treats and creative gifts to give others. My go-to is usually a fun pun with a sugary candy bar or treat. Everyone loves that, right? Well, lately it seems that more and more people are staying away from sugary treats. I am obviously not one of those people, but nonetheless, I see a shift and I'm taking notice. The problem of course, is coming up with healthy treat ideas that are easy to give.

You are sensational seed pun tag

When my teenage son asked me to buy him some seeds to snack on, my brain immediately began to think in seed puns for gift giving. After a few tries, I came up with these printable seed pun tags. They work well for Thanksgiving or really, anytime. Take a look. 

Seed puns with printable tags for gift giving

Seed puns for a thankful gift

Seed puns with printable tags for gift giving

This one was delivered to a friend's doorstep after major surgery. 
Seed pun gift for a friend recovering from surgery

To make your own seed pun gifts, simply print out the tags and cut them out. Hole punch the side and tie the tags onto a package of seeds with a ribbon. I made some tags for sunflower seeds and some for pumpkin seeds.
Click here to print your own seed pun printable tags.

Seed puns for a thankful gift

Seed Pun Printable Tags for Gift Giving

*This post contains affiliate links.

Looking for some more easy to give thankful gifts? 

Thankful gifts with free printables

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Fall is my favorite season.
The sights, the smells, the pumpkins, the fall colors, the leaves 
and gourds! What's not to like?

gourd puns

I've crafted up some festive fall pun tags for you to attach to a gourd or a pumpkin. Who wouldn't want a fall vegetable on their desk or doorstop with a clever tag attached? It's the perfect little fall gift. Give for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or any time during the fall season.

Fall gift giving

It couldn't be simpler. Print out the tags.
Click here to print your own pumpkin and gourd pun tags.

gourd puns

Trim the tags and hole punch. Add a ribbon and tie them on to a pumpkin or a gourd or anything related vegetable. Add a personalized note on the back.

Fall gift giving

I used a lightweight white cardstock paper to print my tags on.
Orange ribbon was found at the Dollar Tree.
Gourds and pumpkins were found at the local pumpkin patch- aka the grocery store.

gourd puns

You don't have to give just one pumpkin...why not give a bowl full of an assortment of fall vegetables?

gourd puns

Want some more creative fall gift-giving ideas?
Take a look at these.

Thankful Gifts
Thankful Gifts

Thankful Leaf Gifts
Thankful Gifts

Autumn Treat Mix
Autumn Candy Treat

10 Snack Mixes to Fall For

Fall snack mixes to make and give.

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What does it tell you that my blog is full of multiple surgery pun cards? Foot surgery, hip surgery, lap band surgery and now knee surgery. Yes, I'm getting old, my folks are getting old, my friends are getting old, hey- we're all getting old.
Like it or not, here's another printable pun card for a knee surgery or knee replacement recipient. Isn't life fun?

Knee gift for  knee replacement surgery

Just print out the card, add a name to the top and sign the bottom. 
Click here to print your own.

Knee Replacement Pun Card to print

And you could add a few knee related gifts to your punny card.
Not that you 'kneed' to or anything, but it might bring a friend some 'knee'ed knee-slapping laughs. (Yes, I have completely overextended it on the knee puns. I can't stop!)

Here's a little shopping list to get you started.
-knee high hosiery
-knee high socks
-knee bandages
-knee patches
-kneeling pad for gardening
-bee themed products (You're the Bee's Knees.)

This post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.

And here's a few more.... 
Who knew there were so many knee related products? 

My mom just had a knee replacement--hence the reason why I'm writing knee puns, so I gathered a few little things for her and attached the card to the box.

Fun gift to give a knee surgery

Feel better soon, Mom.

Fun Gift for a Bored Hospital Patient
Fun hospital gift basket for any age

Foot and Toe Surgery Pun Card
Foot Surgery Get Well Card and gift

Hip Surgery Card
Hip Surgery Printables and Gift Ideas

Lap Band Surgery Cards
Lap Band Surgery Card Ideas

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When I told my sister in-law we were having a 'lemon themed' Mother's Day, (click here if you missed that party.), she put together the sweetest yellow, lemon-themed gift bucket for my mom. 
So cute, that I had to rip it apart and take a few pictures to show to you all.
Make your own yellow gift basket

This is such a sweet gift idea and super easy to put together yourself. It's the perfect cheer up gift, birthday gift, any occasion gift that anyone would love.

Here's what you need:
-1 (pail, bucket, bin, box, bag) to put everything in.
-yellow tissue paper
-yellow ribbon or tuelle
-lots of yellow or lemon items

Yellow items to place in a gift basket
Yellow items to place in a gift basket
Yellow items to place in a gift basket

Line your container with yellow tissue paper and tie with yellow ribbon.
Layer your yellow gifts inside.
How bright and fun!
Yellow items to place in a gift basket
This post contain affiliate links to help you locate products.
Here's some Amazon yellow lemon ideas for you:

Maybe you'd like to add a tag to your gift?
Click here to print out a Lemons to Lemonade tag from this past Cheer Up Gift post.

Or maybe you need a teacher gift?
This bright lemon yellow theme could easily go with this tag.
Click here to print out a deLIGHTful Teacher tag.


Click here to see out lemon-themed Mother's Day.

Lemon party for mom
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