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16th Birthday Driving Party Celebration

16th Driving Party for a Teenage Boy

Yikes! My son just turned 16 and passed his driving test!  Seriously!?!  How did that happen so fast?  Wasn't it just yesterday he was learning how to tie his shoes? I don't know how parents do baby boy is on the roads. Be careful, kid!  Deep breaths...

Driving signs at a 16th Driving Party
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To celebrate this exciting birthday and rite of passage, we had a driving themed celebration for our son. Come take a look at how we partied (new driver-style) with some 16 year old boys.

These 'real' street signs were borrowed from a friend who works in construction, but you could always purchase these online. After the party, they could be hung on a bedroom wall.

Let's start with refreshments.
Of course teen boys are not accustomed to having all their drinks and foods lined up and labeled, so naturally they were quite impressed with some simple 'creative' signs. 
Case in point... 

Soda pop at a 16th Driving Party

Coke= Motor Oil
Fanta= Transmission Fluid
Sprite= Coolant
I even impressed AH (Awesome Husband) with my car care knowledge.  However, don't ask me where you actually put these liquids in a car.

Soda pop at a 16th Driving Party

My Lightbox sign (in above picture) is used for every single party at our house, no joke!  In my opinion, everyone needs a Lightbox sign. They add so much!
Every party also needs these amazing flat white platters.   I find that I'm always reaching for these platters to display foods and drinks. I love that they're bright white.

Clever snacks at a 16th Driving Party

Let's check out some more creative food labeling.  In my opinion, food/drink labeling 'steps up' any party.
I assembled a snack table to go with the pizza and mac-n-cheese my son requested for his friends. The fun, black road border is from here

Clever snacks at a 16th Driving Party

I found these mini driving signs here.  I taped them onto chalkboard sign stands.  I have a few different types of chalkboard signs. Some have a plastic base, others have a wood base.  I like them both and use them all the time.

Clever snacks at a 16th Driving Party

When was the last time you had Cheese Puffs, specifically this Cheetos brand?  AH and I made the mistake of sampling one of these...which turned into many handfuls.  I thought they sort of looked like spark plugs...I should have bought the spicy kind for more 'spark/heat'.

Clever and fun snacks at a 16th Driving Party
Every beginner driver knows about jumper cables...and every party needs licorice, right?

Clever and fun snacks at a 16th Driving Party @michellepaigeblogs.
Naturally, mini chocolate donuts were labeled spare tires.
I don't think the 16 year olds caught onto the double-meaning?

Clever and fun snacks at a 16th Driving Party @michellepaigeblogs.
Red, yellow and green fruit on a skewer, made a great stoplight and a tasty treat. 

Clever and fun snacks at a 16th Driving Party @michellepaigeblogs.Clever and fun snacks at a 16th Driving Party @michellepaigeblogs.

Long peeled carrots with a side of Ranch dip, were the Dip Sticks.

I thought I was being so clever to add in vegetables to the snacks, but I don't think I saw one boy eating them?!  A few of them asked what dip sticks have to do with a oil change conversation took place.  (Who knew food signs could be educational, too?)

And check out this cake!

Porsche Car Cake at a 16th Birthday Party
It's a triple-layer yellow cake with chocolate Oreo filling and frosting.  (Requested by my son.)

Porsche Car Cake at a 16th Birthday Party

AH's Porsche model car worked perfectly on top of this cake.  We wedged in two wood skewers in the car and then gently slid them through the cake. The car is hovering above the cake.

The table was set up with the same road border and red, yellow, green colored tableware.  Yes, I realize these boys are not 5 anymore, but what can I say?  I'll probably always have little kid parties for the big's what I do. At least I stopped myself before I got out the Matchbox cars.
16th Driving Birthday party

More signs on various blackboard stands scattered throughout the table. I dug out leftover paper plates and napkins from this past party. Red plastic cups at each place setting. 
A few balloons on top of orange cone markers finished off the table.

16th Driving Birthday party

16th Driving Birthday party
16th Driving Birthday party

Now, maybe you're wondering what 16 year olds do at a birthday party besides eat? I was wondering that same thing...fortunately, my son planned the activities.

Ultimate Frisbee scrimmage game against the Jr. High boys he coaches. 

Followed by snacks.
16th Driving Birthday party

Very competitive Wii Golf tournament. (Where are my pictures?)
Followed by dinner.

16th Driving Birthday party

Basketball Bump game that they didn't want to stop playing...

Followed by cake and gifts.

Porsche Car Cake at a 16th Birthday Party @michellepaigeblogs.comPorsche Car Cake at a 16th Birthday Party

And there you have it.  Happy 16th Birthday, Jacob!
Click here to print your own Driving Party Printables.

16th Driving Birthday party

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