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I'm not sure there's a 'brighter' way to celebrate a birthday--than with a Sunshine Party!!

It doesn't matter how old or young you are,
a Sunshine Party will bring out the smiles! 

Color theme:  Bright yellow and hot pink!

One large hot pink sheet covers the table and the wall.

Inflatable suns purchased from the Dollar Tree.
Yellow crepe paper and paper fans from Party City.

Kid-made 'Sunshine' artwork.
(I'll share later how we made this!)

Drink dispensers from Target. (I added the vinyl letters.)

Lemonade in mason jars with sun labeled paper straws.

Treats included:  Honey Corn Pops cereal with a metal scoop,

Dishes of cotton candy, yellow marshmallows and peach jelly rings.

...and mini cupcakes to celebrate Nana's birthday!
Happy Birthday Nana!

Brunch included: mini egg omelets recipe from this party,
fruit kabobs and bacon.

Mini powdered donuts sat in yellow cupcake liners at each place setting.

Plastic poms lined the middle of the table from this post.
Labeled glasses with Washi tape, from this post.

After food it's game time!

--Ultimate Sunshine Frisbee
--Sunshine Balloon Juggling

Don't you love how everyone gets involved?!

After games and gifts was a photo shoot with lots of sunshine props and silliness!

So, let the sunshine in...

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This summer I had two good friends move into new homes!
A new home means a house tour (love those!) and bringing a housewarming gift.
I love giving housewarming gifts.  The gifting possibilities are endless!

I really try not to give people gifts that will add more clutter to their homes, instead I like to give gifts they can use.
One of my friends has significantly downsized from a big family home to a new, small condo.  The last thing they need is more stuff!

Big, fluffy wash cloths and my favorite hand soap work perfectly. 

You know that I LOVE to give hand soap!  See here, here, here and here!

Now my friend can replace her old washcloths with new, thick, thirsty ones.  Perfect for her sparkling, brand new bathroom!

I printed out a Home Sweet Home tag and tied it all together. (Scroll down for printable link.)

My other friend has moved into a big home filled with lots of new wood floors and tons of carpet!

This time I chose the cutest floral broom and our favorite carpet cleaner, Folex!  That stuff really works!

Both of these gifts were tied up with a Home Sweet Home tag and hand delivered, of course.

Oh, friends-- may your homes be filled with lots of sweet memories and blessings!

(I've included these affiliate links to help you locate products.)

Click here to print your own Home Sweet Home tags.
I print in landscape mode on cardstock.

Here's another housewarming gift idea for you:
Summer Housewarming Gift


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 I never thought I would need to think about buying textbooks until my kids went off to college.

This summer, I was shocked to learn that all students
in the private school my daughter attends,
are required to purchase their textbooks.
She's only in 7th grade...Yikes!

I have 6 years of buying textbooks before college!

Do you have any idea how much textbooks cost?

Did you see that HUGE Literature book and
American History book sitting in her locker?
No wonder the private schools have the students purchase them!

I quickly learned that renting textbooks is the ONLY way to go.

After some research online, I came across
Whoa!  They make renting textbooks so easy...really.

(1) Select the book you need.
(2) Decide how long you want it for and when you want to return it.
(3) Tell them where to ship the book, and when you need it.
(They offer free shipping and even next day service!)
(4) Take notes, highlight, mark it up-- no stressing to keep the pages clean.
(5) When done, mail it in the pre-paid envelope that came with the book.

How simple is that?  Click here to watch how it works.

Campus Book Rentals even has a rent back option
for books you already own. 
Every time your book is rented, you get paid!
They also offer services like a live customer support person and a 21 day risk free return.

So, now you know where we'll be getting books for the next--oh, say 10+ years!!!


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Nothing like last minute around here.

The first day of school is today!

My son is excited, because this is the teacher that he was hoping for.

(It's nice to have a happy kid and a great teacher!)

Last night I whipped out a lightening-quick,
first day of school gift 'cool' enough
for an 11 year old to give to his teacher.

(Actually, he told me it was lame...but he took it anyways.)

My daughter had this same teacher last year,
so I happen to know that she loves Bath & Body Works soaps.

These hand soaps are my favorite gift to give for every occasion--
teacher appreciation, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, you name it.

Just in case you want to use this idea for next year.
Here's the printable.
  Click here to print.

Print out tag.  Sign the back, Tie tag onto the soap.
 Hand to the teacher.  Done!

Of course I follow my 6th grade kid into his class and take pictures.  (I'm not the only parent!)
Besides, it's really my last year being able to do this.
(6th grade is still in elementary school here.)

I watched my son take the gift out of his backpack and place it on his teacher's desk.

Ribbons undone, tag mangled, raindrop stained...

Why am I not surprised?

'Soap' it's a great school year for you and your family!

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