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Saturday, March 3, 2018

March 14th.
Pi Day
Have you ever celebrated Pi Day?
I know, it's not your average's not a holiday at all, it's just a fun date on the calendar to eat pie and think math.

Last year, we ended up celebrating AH's birthday on March 14th. When I saw the party would take place on 3.14 (Pi Day), I knew exactly what the party theme would be.
Take a look at our Pi Day Celebration. 

Celebrate Pi Day with a meal of pies and math fun.

It's a full meal of pies!  Mmm!

Chicken pot pies for Pi Day
Mini Chicken Pot Pies
I used this recipe- click here.

Mini pizza pies for Pi Day
English Muffin Pizza Pies
Layer pizza ingredients atop an English muffin. Bake at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes. (I topped a few mini pizzas with a pi sign cut from a cheddar cheese slice.)

Fruit pies for Pi Day
Fresh Berry Pie
Fresh blueberries and raspberries are super tasty sitting in a mini graham cracker pie crust. (find these mini crusts in your grocery store- baking aisle.)

Pudding pie and math fun for Pi Day
Chocolate Pudding Pie
Chocolate pudding served in a pie crust with toppings.

Mini Apple Pies for Pi Day
Mini Apple Pies!
Find these at Walmart for 50 cents a piece! Yes!

Pi Math and party fun
Do a Google search and print out some math worksheets (on your kids' academic level) for finding the area of a circle. I also printed out a bunch of facts about pi. Click here for a fact site.
For example, did you know that (pi day) March 14th was Albert Einstein's birthday?

Celebrate Pi Day with a meal of pies and math fun
Display the math sheets on the table with the pies. Add a few pencils to encourage everyone to try some problems.

Celebrate Pi Day with a meal of pies and math fun.

Print out the pi signs on cardstock. Trim and tape a coffee stirrer to the back of each sign. Stick signs in the pies.
Click here to print your own.

Celebrate Pi Day with a meal of pies and math fun

Don't you think your family would want to celebrate Pi Day?

Celebrate Pi Day with a meal of pies and math fun

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Friday, February 23, 2018

It's been quite awhile since I've shared a Sunday School craft with you, and this one is actually not for Sunday School, but for our Ladies Bible Study...however, I think it could be used with Sunday School kids who are studying the Tabernacle.
Our Ladies Bible Study has just finished studying Beth Moore's A Woman's Heart- God's Dwelling Place. The entire (10 week!) study is about the Tabernacle and God's Holy Presence. This is a great study packed with amazing, eye-opening information...the problem...too much information.  In fact, that is why I came up with this idea in the first place. I needed something to help us remember this information. Something to remind us of what we've learned. Something to turn to, read over, remember and be encouraged.  (As a former school teacher, I'm always looking for ways to retain what we learn after reading a book or completing a study.)
Tabernacle Craft and Printable

I call this the Tabernacle Reminder Kit

It's basically a 9 pocket sheet protector with a Tabernacle element in each compartment.  
On the front side is the name of the element and a corresponding item inserted in the pocket.

Tabernacle Craft and Printable @michellepaigeblogs.comTabernacle Craft and Printable

Tabernacle Craft and Printable

On the back side are the corresponding scriptures of how Jesus fulfilled every single element in the Tabernacle. (That was God's plan all along!)
It's powerful just reading it!

Tabernacle Craft and Printable

-Baseball Trading Card Protectors  (affiliate link)(9 compartments- each pocket is 3 1/4" x 2 1/2")
(My husband was redoing his baseball card collection and was actually throwing these out! Gasp! I had to come up with a use for them, right?!)
Trading Card Pages for Tabernacle Craft

-Tabernacle: foam cross  (These crosses were found at Hobby Lobby, they're stickers.)

Foam crosses for Tabernacle craft

-Altar of Burnt Offering: match (I used a box of kitchen matches. If doing this with children, cut off match tips and then color an end of the remaining stick with a red marker.)
Matches for Tabernacle Craft

-Basin: piece of soap 
(Cut a bar of soap into tiny pieces.)
Soap for a Tabernacle Craft

-Veil: linen piece & embroidery thread in blue, purple & scarlet
(Cut white linen fabric into squares. Cut a 3-4 inch piece of blue, purple & scarlet embroidery thread.) Cherubim were embroidered into the veil's curtains with blue, purple & scarlet.

Linen and thread for a Tabernacle Craft

-Lampstand: birthday candle
(The tabernacle's lampstand was an oil burning lamp, not a candle.)

Candle for a Tabernacle Craft

-Table for the Bread of Presence: computer printout of 2 stacks of 6 loaves. (These represented the 12 tribes of Israel.) Click here to print out your own bread print outs.

Bread for a Tabernacle Craft

-Altar of Incense: incense sticks (I found a box of incense sticks at the Goodwill or click here for a source. affiliate link.) Take a few sticks and break them to make them fit in the pocket.
Incense for a Tabernacle Craft

-Mercy Seat: gold (yellow) feather (represents the golden cherubim's wings that guarded the Mercy Seat.)
Gold feathers for a Tabernacle Craft

-Ark of the Covenant: (All of these pieces go in one pocket.)
     -gold metallic paper
     (cut out in urn/vase shape that held the manna),

     -gray paper (cut out in 2 stone commandment tablet shapes),
     -2 inch piece of a fake flower stem (Aaron's budding staff). 
              I picked off the flower blooms of a long stem and cut the stem into small pieces.

Tabernacle Craft and Printable

Ark of the Covenant Craft

-Printout of the Tabernacle cards and Jesus' fulfillment cards.Click here to print your own Tabernacle cards.
Tabernacle Craft and Printable @michellepaigeblogs.comTabernacle Craft and Printable

**Yes, I realize this is a ton of supplies...many of these items could be substituted with a student drawing the items or a computer graphic. You choose to do what works for your class, your time and your budget.

Tabernacle Craft and Printable

Ahead of time:
Make copies of the printouts.
Gather supplies and prepare them so students can easily take each item and insert it in the pockets.

1. Cut apart the cards and insert them in the pockets.
Tabernacle cards on front, with Jesus fulfillment cards facing the back side.

Tabernacle Craft and Printable
(I put the cards in the protector page-- in the order the items appear in the Old Testament Tabernacle.)

     1.Tabernacle /Jesus is Our Tabernacle
     2. Altar of Burnt Offering/ Jesus is Our Perfect Sacrifice
     3. Basin/ Jesus is Our Basin
     4. Veil into the Holy of Holies/ Jesus is Our Veil
     5. Lampstand/ Jesus is Our Lampstand
     6. Table for the Bread of Presence/ Jesus is Our Bread
     7. Altar of Incense/ Jesus is our Altar of Incense
     8. Mercy Seat/ Jesus is Our Mercy Seat

     9. Ark of the Covenant/ Jesus is Our New Covenant
2. Slip each item into the corresponding pocket. 

Tabernacle Craft and Printable

3. Review each item, remembering key points that were learned about the Tabernacle.
4. Read each scripture telling how Jesus fulfilled every part of the Tabernacle.
5. Finish lesson reciting what the Bible says about our body being a living Tabernacle.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

10 Printable Zebra Valentines

It's Valentine's Day and my final day of printables. Did you follow along for all 26 days A to Z?  Whew!

Today is the Letter Z.

Z is for Zebras.

On our trip to Tanzania a few years back, we all fell in love with the zebras.  They seemed to show up everywhere. Their one-of-a-kind stripes are striking and they really are beautiful animals! We found ourselves just staring at them, wondering how they could be wild animals--each with their own personalized set of stripes...incredible!

Today, I've rounded up a bunch of Zebra Valentine Printables for you.
*Note: If you see the $ symbol, that means they are cards to be purchased and many can be personalized.

Let's start our round up with a printable I made last year. Add any zebra treat or a package of animal crackers.
Zoo Printable Valentines by Michelle Paige Blogs
Wild animal printable valentine

Cute Zebra Kid's Valentine's Card

Printable Zebra Valentines by The Shy Socialites $
zebra web.jpg

Craft up your own paper zebra with hearts and scraps. Heart Zebras by Crafty Morning
zebra craft

Zebra Heart Valentine's Day Card

 Valentine Zebra by Kudzu Monster via Etsy $
Printable Zebra Valentine

Zebra Printable Treat Topper by Love From the Oven
Printable Zebra Valentine

Zebra Valentine by Liz B's Stationary Shop via Etsy $

Printable Zebra Valentine

This is a free printable, but you would need to copy it to your computer and resize it to your needs.
Dreamworks Printable Valentines by SkGaleana
Printable Zebra Valentine

Be Bold (Zebra) Greeting Card - product images

Want to see all the ideas in this A to Z Valentine Series?
Take a look!

A to Z Valentine Printables

Letter A- Animals
Letter B- Boy
Letter C-Chocolate
Letter D- Dinosaurs
Letter E- Eye Glasses
Letter F- Fish
Letter G- Greenery (Plants)
Letter H- Around the Home Love Notes
Letter I- Ice Cream

A to Z Valentine Printables

Letter J- Jellybeans
Letter K- Kool-Aid
Letter L- Light
Letter M- Mustache
Letter N- Ninja
Letter O- Olympics (Winter)
Letter P- Puzzles

Letter Q- Quirky
A to Z Valentine Printables

Letter R- Robots
Letter S- Straws
Letter T- Teachers
Letter U-
Kitchen Utensils
Letter V-
Scripture Verses
Letter W- Candy Bar Wrappers
Letter X- XOXO
Letter Y-Yolk & Egg
Letter Z- Zebra

Check out my A to Z Valentines from last year.

Letter A- Apples
Letter B- Balls
Letter C- Cookies
Letter D- Donuts
Letter E- Emojis
Letter F- Frogs
Letter G- Gum
Letter H- Hearts
Letter I- Insects

Print your own valentines

Letter J- Jokes
Letter K- Kisses
Letter L- LEGO
Letter M- Money
Letter N- Nuts
Letter O- Office
Letter P- Popcorn
Letter Q- QT Pies
Letter R- Race Cars 

Print your own valentines

Letter S- Scripture
Letter T- Tic-Tac-Toe
Letter U- Unicorn
Letter V- Vader
Letter W- Whales
Letter X- X for Treasure
Letter Y- Yo-Yo
Letter Z - Zoo

Print your own valentines

Want even more ideas?  See my Valentine Vault of all valentines on michellepaigeblogs.

If you've enjoyed this Valentine post, please follow me on Facebook and Instagram for even more fun.

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