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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Oh friends...our time with our kids is so short!  Yes, I know you don't want to hear that when you're knee deep in toddler-hood or even in the middle school moodiness...ugh.  However, both my kids are now in high school and I'm feeling the crunch to spend every possible moment soaking up their presence, teaching them every skill they still need for life, and smothering them with love and attention--- which of course you know they appreciate so much?!?  (I'm sure you can read between the lines, here.)

So, when my friend was feeling sad and lonely from sending off her baby to college, I just had to take her a little bit of love.  
(Note:  Some may want to include a bottle of wine and a box of tissues with this gift.)

It's a quick and easy little 'thinking of you' gift to give to any empty-nester.  It takes just a few supplies, starting with a craft nest.

Gift for the empty nester.

I don't know if you've ever been shopping for craft nests before, but there are a ton to choose from--even when it's not spring!
Take a look at these affiliate links from Amazon. 

Empty Nester Gift

Place Dove chocolates (playing on the bird theme) and/or
Baby Ruth candy (playing on the baby theme) into the nest.
Sugar Babies candies would also work.

Gift for the empty nester.

Print out one of the empty nester tags onto cardstock.  

Empty Nester Gift

Click here to print your own tags.

Gift for the empty nester.

Trim tag and tape onto a wooden skewer cut in half.
Stick skewer into the nest.

Empty Nester Gift

Hand deliver and love on your friend. 

Here's a few more gifts for friends dealing with hard times.

Cheer Up Gift

When the Trial is Over Gift

Foot Surgery Get Well Card and gift
Foot and Toe Surgery 'Punny' Card

Hip Surgery Gift

Lap Band Surgery Cards

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Friday, September 8, 2017

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

This summer my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! 50! Yikes! Doesn't that sound like such a huge number?! They didn't want anyone to make a fuss over them. No party, no big bash, no family cruise, no special trip...I mean, really? I wanted to do 'something', even if it was just a small token of love.
I decided on a few small things to celebrate.
(Affiliate links are in this post to help you locate items.)

First, I decorated up one of my favorite party decor items--my Lightbox from Heidi Swapp.  These simple boxes really add to any celebration, all you have to do is change up the letters.

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Then, of course the chalkboard needed some anniversary signage and balloon love. You can find LOVE balloons, here.
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Next, I baked up some sugar cookies. Number cookies placed tightly together on a cookie sheet, bake into beautiful double digits.
Get number cookie cutters here.  
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

I ordered this 50th anniversary frame and put in my parent's wedding picture and current picture side by side. Aren't they the cutest?
50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

I wanted to give my parents a 'gold' gift to go with 50 years--you know how you're supposed to give gold for the 50th, right?  Well, the more I got thinking about this, the more I realized they really needed a 'silver' in silverware!  After 50 years, one should really try to update their wedding gifts, if you know what I mean? I searched for a box of 50 pieces of silverware, and found it--perfect!

50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

And then I decided to get a little crafty.
50 candies wrapped up in 50 memories.

50th Anniversary Candy Gift

Of course this idea could work for any big number, not just 50.
To make your own:  you'll need 50 Hershey's Miniatures chocolate candies, a glass jar, paper, tape, a pen and of course 50 memories!

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Take a piece of scrap paper and make a template that folds around the miniature candy bar. You want the paper to cover the label completely. Once satisfied with the template, cut out 50 pieces of scrapbook paper the same size. I used pretty double-sided paper, but it's not necessary.

50th Anniversary Candy Gift

Now, the hard part! Coming up with 50 memories!  You would think this would be a breeze, but I was a child for most of these years of my parent's marriage! Some years were definitely harder to come up with memories, than others.
Write the year on the top of each paper label, then write something that happened during that year. It helps to make a list on notebook paper, first--then write on the papers.

Anniversary Gift Ideas
50th Anniversary Candy Gift

Memories included family births, trips, new jobs, moves, special happenings, school changes, etc. etc.
Anniversary Gift Ideas

Once all the memories are written down, it's time to wrap them up.
Wrap each memory around a chocolate bar. Fold tightly and secure with a small piece of clear tape.

50th Anniversary Candy Gift

Place candies in a jar and add a tag with instructions to peel off the labels and read them.

Anniversary Gift Ideas

My mom ended up putting these candies in my dad's lunch for about a month.  He was told to bring home all the labels so she could read them.

50th Anniversary Candy Gift

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Hello!  I thought I would try to get another post out before the back-to-school madness hits around here. I've been wanting to share my teenage daughter's beach themed bedroom for awhile, now. It's always a bit sad to watch your child grow out of their little kid room and want something a bit more sophisticated. However, this room still has plenty of playful touches that doesn't feel too grown up.

Beachy room for a teen.

We decided to go with a beachy 'wave' theme.  My daughter picked out her favorite color--a soft blue. Paint color is Soothing Blue by Valspar. 

Beachy room for a teen

The surfboard belonged to my father-in-law. It was in bad shape, so we gave it a couple coats of paint and leaned it against the wall.We chose to put mirrors in this dark corner niche to add more light to the room. These wavy mirrors are from IKEA. (They don't sell these mirrors online, but here are two other fun options. Click here and here.)

Teen Beach Themed Room

Teen Beach Themed Room

On one wall, we framed out a rectangle with basic molding and painted the wall with magnet paint.  After a couple coats of the magnetic paint, we covered it with BEHR's semi-gloss paint in the color called, Wipeout. (This is the same color we used on the surfboard.)

Teen Beach Themed Room

The wooden tags were found at Michaels.
Small green and blue buttons were hot glued to magnets.

Teen Beach Themed Room

A few other art pieces and an old skimmer board were hung on the wall by the bed.

Teen Beach Themed Room

Beachaholic pillow came from Joanns.  Bedding is from IKEA.

Teen Beach Themed Room

The drapes, pillow shams and the recovered chair were made out of fabric from two IKEA twin duvet covers. We fell in love with the bold stripes and the blue and green colors. I cut up the duvets and with some simple machine sewing, made them work perfectly. (This particular duvet cover is no longer available at IKEA, click here to see more options.)

Teen Beach Themed Room

We ordered the vinyl 'wave' scripture from here.  Have you ever put vinyl lettering on your walls?  It's super easy and looks amazing!

Teen Beach Themed Room

 I love how this verse goes perfectly with the room's theme.
Teen Beach Themed Room

The fabric draped on the ceiling is to look like waves.

Teen Beach Themed Room

Simple clear-colored tacks hold up the lightweight fabric shades (these were found at IKEA.)
Light fixtures are from here.

Wave Themed Teen Room

and the best part...
My daughter loves her room! 

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Nautical Birthday Party Ideas

What is it about summer birthdays that makes them so fun?
The majority of the birthdays in our family are in the winter and early spring.  That's when our weather is so dark and gray and most of the time--rainy.  In fact, we're usually surprised when it doesn't rain on our birthdays.

Table setting for a nautical party

But my mother-in-law...she's the lucky one, with a birthday in August!
Oh, how we all wish we could have an August birthday with blue skies and sunshine and fresh watermelon and berries.
August in the Seattle area is absolutely gorgeous!
The warmth, light and sun always makes you want to celebrate!
Just take a look at my mother-in-law's nautical anchor party.

Anchor Themed Party

Anchor's Aweigh!
It's a Nautical anchor-themed party.
'Love is where the anchor drops.'
'You are my anchor in the storm.'
Heb. 6:19-- Love anchors the soul.  

Nautical party supplies
Affiliate links:  Anchor paper fans are found here.  Wrapping paper found here.
Anchor tags and clips were found at Target Dollar Spot.

A very simple party was made easy by a few anchor party supplies.  Red & White striped wrapping paper down the center of the table makes a great and easy table runner.  Instant color, just cut to fit.

Anchor Themed Party

Red & white stripes and navy & white stripes are perfect nautical colors.  This could also be a great 4th of July theme.

Nautical Birthday Party Ideas

Our simple summer menu included:  garden salad, watermelon, black pepper chips and salmon.  

Anchor party with fish and chips.

You do have to have fish (and chips) at a nautical party, right?
Anchor party with seafood.

The cake was store-bought (gasp!)  I know.  (It was purchased at WinCo.)  I was planning on making a cake, but when I saw this one in the store, I couldn't resist!  Just take a look at it!

4 flavored cake!

4 different sections:
1 section chocolate
1 section caramel spice
1 section red velvet
1 section carrot cake
We all chose to try a different kind, sort of.  Well, most of us tried out every flavor!  Delicious!

4 flavored cake

An anchor pillow and gift bags with anchor tags helped decorate the cake table. The anchor pillow is from Coastal Living found at Bed, Bath.& Beyond.

Anchor gifts

Light up boxes help set the occasion.  Do you have a Lightbox?
These things are so much fun!  No having to print out posters, just change up the letters, plug it in and... it's spectacular!

Table decorations for a nautical party.

I own 2 of these fun light up signs.  

Affiliate link:  Lightbox from Heidi Swapp and this one from WOPS.
Nautical Birthday Party Ideas

Happy Birthday, Nana!

Nautical Birthday Party Ideas

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Whale party decor.
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Hiking Party

Balloon birthday party
Balloon Party

Sun themed birthday party.
Sunshine Party

Nautical Party
Beachy Starfish Party

Have a puppy party.
Puppy Party

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