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Thursday, December 8, 2016

'I'm dreaming of a White Christmas!'
Yes, our family always dreams for a white Christmas...but it rarely happens in Seattle.  This season, we're hopeful for a little white stuff-- and not just in the mountains!  There's a small chance of snow in the forecast for tonight!  Yay!

I've gathered up a 'sleigh-full' of my most favorite, white, wintry, soft & fluffy gifts for everyone on your list.  You may find some gifts for yourself, too.  Scroll down and take a look.

And to help with your gift-giving, here's the perfect tag to print out and attach to any white & wintry gift.

 Click here to print your own tags.

This post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.

1.  This white, fuzzy throw is from Target.
Such a perfect size, color and price. I'm gifting this exact one to a friend this Christmas...shhh!

And here it is all tied up with white netting and a White & Dreamy Christmas tag.

2.  I fell so in love with this white, fuzzy pillow from 
Pier 1 imports.   It's actually sitting on our sofa right now.  It's so super soft, you see it from across the room and it just calls you to come take a nap! Zzz!  I'm tempted to get off the computer right now and curl up on the couch.

3.  Oh, look at these comfy, cable-white, fluffy slippers.  I'm putting them on my Christmas list.  Soft, heavenly pillows on your feet...I'm sold!  Don't they look warm?

4.  Warm woolen mittens are a must!  Check out these dreamy mittens to keep your hands warm.  Don't you love the little snowball puff on them?  Definitely one of 'My Favorite Things'--you are singing that song, right?  

5.  Ohhh!  I love these fluffy, long, roll neck sweaters!  Isn't this one perfect?  I own one in black, but I'm thinking white is the color I need.  I love to pair my sweater with a long dramatic necklace.  

6.  Snow for the tree.  I love these snowball ornaments to create a wintry Christmas tree.  There's something about white ornaments on a green tree that just looks amazing!  Pick up a pack of these and 'gift wrap' them inside a farmhouse bucket.  It's the perfect bucket of snow.

7.  Didn't you want one of these when you were a kid?  I sure did!
This Nostalgia Snow Cone Maker makes snow cones for any season--not just for Christmas. Can't you just see the kids setting up business with this machine?

8.  Here it is!  The stuff you need to make your own 'white' Christmas. Just add water to the powder and you have instant snow.  How great is that?  Such a fun gift idea for the kids to play with while waiting for Christmas dinner.

9.  Don't forget this classic.  A White Christmas on DVD.  
You could include this DVD with any of these 'white' Christmas gifts!

White Christmas (Diamond Anniversary Edition)

10.  And I had to include this White Christmas quote sign from Lindsay Letters Studio.  I love her prints.  Seriously, if you have an extra minute or two, you must visit her online shop!

White Christmas Quote Canvas

Need even more white, wintry snow ideas?  Take a look at these from Amazon.

 Here's some more easy gift ideas for you.

Cocoa Cups of Cheer

'Rose'merry and Bright

Chocolate Lovers Gift Guide

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Monday, December 5, 2016

You know I love easy, clever gifts with a pun.  I also love gifting things that can get used.  A kitchen tool is a great gift for someone who enjoys cooking.  This little idea is perfect for a hostess gift for the holiday season or for a teacher's gift as well.

(Affilate links are included in this post). Print out this tag and tie onto a grater of your choice.  I used this one.

You can make this gift as big or small as you'd like by adding things to go with a grater.  
I added a sprig of cedar branches and some cinnamon to keep it festive.

This tiny, tiny grater is super cute as well.

You could add lemons with a zester/grater or add a packet of cocoa to go with cinnamon stick.

You could give a big hunk of fancy cheese with a cheeseboard or cutting board with a box grater.

And did you know there are hundreds of different styles of graters to choose from?

Just take a look at these beautiful ones I found on Amazon.
(These are affiliate links to help you locate products.)

Looking for some more easy gifts?  Click here.

Check out my Chocolate Lovers Gift Guide

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Got chocolate? 

Do you have a chocolate lover on your Christmas list this year? Need some fun chocolate ideas?  I've gathered up my favorite chocolate gifts on the web that any chocolate lover would approve of.  From classy and traditional to unique and fun.  It's the perfect Chocolate Lovers Gift Guide. Check it may even find a gift for you! 
(This post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.)

1.  The European classic:
merci Chocolates

Not only are these delicious chocolates, but they come in a sleek flat box perfect for secret gift giving.  Whether you're discreetly leaving a hostess gift at someone's home, or dropping a package into someone's bag when they're not looking.  (Am I the only one who does this?)  You can also click here and personalize a holiday label to print out and place on top of the package...or use the chocolate tag that I created at the end of this post.  Order a few merci boxes to have on hand for that unexpected visitor that drops by.

2.  A Pacific Northwest Favorite:
Frango Mints

These silky smooth mint chocolates are like none other.  Since 1918 these chocolates have been made in Seattle and are truly a Christmas treat.  My mother-in-law makes a frozen dessert that almost matches the taste of these chocolates.  Mmmm!  I may need to get my hands on the recipe to share with you?!  Place a bow on top of this hexagon box and hand deliver.  It makes quite the statement, doesn't it?

3. My favorite chocolate treat:
Dark chocolate covered almonds

Yep, I graduated from Peanut M&M's long ago.  I now adore these almonds covered in dark chocolate.  And don't you feel you're making a better choice when you feed your chocolate addiction with an almond or two?  No?  Buy these elegant almonds in bulk and package up in cellophane bags with a chocolate brown ribbon.  Add my Christmas Chocolate tag or a 'Nuts About You' printable tag to this gift.

4.  For the Ultimate Chocolate Baker
Belgian Dark Chocolate Baking Block

So, this might be the gift of the lifetime?!  It was for me!  When this large block of chocolate showed up on my porch, my family was in heaven!  From it came some amazing goodies including chocolate fondue, chocolate chip dipped cookies and Christmas dipped marshmallows.  This block of chocolate is what chocolate lovers dream about!  Seriously!  It would be the ultimate gift with this cookbook as well.

5.  To survive winter:
Starbucks Hot Cocoa Double Chocolate

Well, this one doesn't even need an explanation!  We've all had those tasteless, watery hot chocolate packets that make you cringe, but this cocoa is pure goodness.  The delicious double chocolate taste is perfect after a cold afternoon of outside sledding.  Now-- if we could just get some snow this winter!  These canisters make perfect neighbor gifts, too.  Wrap up a color-coordinated scarf around it and hand deliver.

6. Something for my Christmas Wish List:
Chocolate Pen Draw & Mold
Take a look at this fun toy!  Fill pen with melted chocolate and doodle away.  Perfect for spelling names on cookies and treats. 
Where was this tool when I needed it?  A perfect gift for kids, too. Include a package of plain sugar cookies and a bag of chocolate for melting to make a complete gift ready to give.  

7.  For the Chocolate Learner:
Chocolate Smarts Board Game

This one is for the chocolate lover who has everything.  A board game that teaches you chocolate knowledge as you play!  Who wouldn't want to sound more knowledgeable when talking about chocolate?  My chocolate vocabulary needs some work...'light, white, milk and dark' doesn't sound very sophisticated, does it?

8.  For the kid in all of us:
Chocolate Bar Maker

Move over Easy Bake Oven...look at this!  A kit to make your own chocolate bars.  Melt chocolate and pour into the molds.  Add sweets and sprinkles and let harden.  Wrap them up to give to friends or eat them yourself.  What a fun gift for kids and teens, just include lots of fun sprinkles to this gift.

9. For old-fashioned chocolate fun:
Hershey's T-Shirt

What a cute, classy gift this would make tied up with a few Hershey bars to go with it and this Hershey's Kiss Lip Gloss.  You could make an entire chocolate gift basket adding in lots of dark chocolate colored gifts.

10.  For chocolate viewing:
Chocolat Movie or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


For adults or for kids, both of these are perfect movies for chocolate lovers.  Remember, when you gift a chocolate movie, be sure to include some chocolate to eat!

And of course you'll need a Chocolate tag to attach to these items.

Click here to print your own chocolate tags.

 What would you add to this list?

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