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Monday, July 17, 2017

Ah, these sunshiny summer days...blogging just doesn't seem to happen much in the summer. Trips, family outings, visitors and just relaxing is much higher on the priority list. However, I did want to bring you a few posts of summer. Starting with my oar wall!

Easy to make oar wall.

It's a whole wall of oars!
I've been collecting oars for a few years-- just waiting for enough to create my wall. 
The little antique shops on the island know me by name. Garage sales, junk sales, craft markets have all helped me with my collection.

An oar gallery wall.  Perfect for a large wall in a beach home!

Yes, I know this doesn't work well in every home, but in a beach home...I love it!
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A collection of oars--ready to go on the wall!

Obviously, the first step in creating an oar wall is collecting oars. Mine were all different. Some vintage, some just old. Some in terrible shape, others looked pretty good. Some long, others short. I loved the ones with old chipped paint and the ones with the oar locks still on them. I did end up staining a few so I could get a darker color on my cream wall.

Hang an oar on the wall.

The next step was figuring out how to hang them.
We used picture frame hooks on the back of each oar. The hooks are so easy to nail into the wood oars and can safely hold a bit of weight.
Hang an oar on the wall.

Hang an oar on the wall.

AH (Awesome Husband) helped me. We put one hook on the handle of the oar and another one close to the paddle. If an oar was longer, we used three hooks.
Creating an oar wall. One paddle at a time.

I laid out the pattern I wanted on the floor.  Colored oars next to wood oars. Older ones next to newer ones, etc. Mixing up the directions of the oars added to the charm.

Creating an oar wall. One paddle at a time.

We measured the wall and determined how many rows we could create with spacing in between. We couldn't even come close to being exact in our measurements, due to each oar varying in widths and heights, but we did our best. We pounded nails into the wall, hanging one oar at a time, measuring AND eyeballing as we went.

Vintage oars on the wall.

Now, here's the hardest part...stopping!  There's a part of me that wants to keep collecting oars and adding more and more...but yet, it's important to call it done and be done and be happy.
Oar wall- perfect for a home by the water.

And maybe I'll start a different collection for the other blank wall?
Hmm...mermaids? Haha!

Beachy Oar Wall. Perfect for a large wall.

I couldn't believe I didn't check Amazon when I was looking for oars. Take a look! (affiliate links)

If you follow me on Instagram you saw me working on another summer project...a driftwood star.
Click here to make your's so easy!

Got driftwood?  Make a star!

Happy Summer!


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Friday, June 9, 2017

If you've followed my blog for some time, you know that I've put on quite a few baseball themed parties.  AH (Awesome Husband) can't get enough of the sport and it's always his party theme of choice.  It's starting to get harder and harder to come up with new baseball party ideas, but never fear---I've chalked up another one.

It's a clever baseball party with lots of baseball food ideas.
And of course, the Seattle Mariners gear makes an appearance in every one of my baseball parties!  Go M's!

Foods for a baseball party.

Let's start with the cards, not baseball cards, but Father's day cards. This party was for Father's Day, so we put all the handmade cards for dad in a glove and labeled it 'Card Catcher'.  (A catcher's glove would have been even more perfect, but we don't have one of those!)

Card Catcher for Dad's Baseball Party

Next up, the refreshments...2 pitchers with their appropriate labels. The starting pitcher, filled with water.  The relief pitcher, filled with lemonade.

Starting and Relief Pitchers for a baseball party.

Onto the snacks.  Every baseball party has to have Cracker Jacks. Baseball, Cracker Jacks-- they just go together.

Baseball themed party-- Cracker Jacks

Another great baseball food...pickles?! (You know what this is, right?)

Baseball Themed Party--pun foods.

And don't forget about the chips and salsa.  I gathered 4 levels of salsa to try out.
1st base- mild salsa
2nd base- medium or hot salsa
3rd base- very hot salsa
Home- 5 alarm salsa!
Baseball Foods--Chip display as a baseball infield.

It was fun to see how far we could go around the bases with our salsa eating.  I made a 'pitcher's mound' with the blue chips in the middle.

Baseball Foods--Chip display as a baseball infield.

Another chip dipping option was a corn salsa...because of the baseball term, can of corn.  (That's what they call a pop up--just in case you're not baseball fan.)

Baseball Party Foods

Salami roll ups were a fun and easy snack, made even more festive with the baseball picks.

Baseball Party Foods

Of course we served sliders for the meal.  Choose between a single, double or triple!
Baseball Party Foods- sliders

To go with the sliders, you'll need a suicide squeeze...or two!

Baseball Party Foods- suicide squeeze

Best candy to serve...Mounds bars!
Baseball Party foods- Mounds bars

The perfect cake to serve at a baseball party is a bundt (bunt) cake.  I made a simple chocolate/chocolate chip cake in a bundt pan and splattered it with icing.

Baseball Party foods- Bundt Cake
Baseball pun foods and party
Baseball pun foods and party
Baseball pun foods and party

Finish off the meal with a spitball.  (Extra large gumballs).

Baseball Party-- Spitballs

Wrapping paper hung with large baseball cutouts made a fun backdrop for the food and the photo shoot.  Just move the food table out of the way and snap a few pictures.

Baseball pun foods and party

Baseball pun foods and party

To print your own baseball food labels, click here.

Happy Father's Day!

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Father's Day Baseball Party

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It's time to raise money! An adult and youth team from our church is heading to Alaska Christian College to help finish the building of a new dormitory. The group will be dry-walling, painting, moving furniture, etc. etc. They need funds to get there and to give to the school's projects.  Take a look how we were able to raise over $12,000 at our church's silent auction!

Budget Friendly Fundraising Ideas

The date was set, tickets were sold and Alaskan salmon was donated and shipped in for dinner.  Volunteers cooked the meal, silent auction donations were procured by the team and I was in charge of the set up.
Decorating for a fundraiser

Let's start with the table favorite.
Budget?  Spend as little as possible and make it look festive.  Yes, I've done a few of these types of events before.
First choose a color theme-- we went with blue and yellow (the school's colors) and yellow stars because they're on the Alaskan flag.

To get the most bang for your buck, always use balloons!  They fill a space up and set the tone for a party.

Balloons--best bang for your buck when decorating

(This post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.) It's much cheaper to go for ordinary balloons instead of helium filled ones.  I used plastic sticks from here. The balloons tie onto the sticks easily.
Blue and yellow curling ribbon added color to the sticks.

Simple centerpiece for a fundraising event.

Glass cylinder vases were found at the Dollar Store.
Instead of spending money on flowers, I filled the vases with tissue paper.  Two sheets of tissue paper per vase.  One squished in, the other flowing on top.  Brochures from the college were displayed on the tables as well.

Paper stars and painted skewers

Yellow stars were punched out on the church's die cut machine and then glued to wooden skewers that I spray painted blue.  Two each were stuck into each finished vase.  Leftover stars were sprinkled on the tables.

budget friendly centerpiece for a party

Our youth pastor was able to get these Glassybaby candle votives donated.  We set them on each table with a set price and instructions if any guest was interested in buying them.

The entire team came to help with set up, which made my job so much easier.
I completely set up one table just the way I wanted, and then asked the volunteers to make each table look exactly like mine.

Setting up for a fundraising event.

and in no time, the room was pulled together!

Decorating tables for a church event on a budget.

For the silent auction set up, we used long tables along the perimeter of the room, with a few round tables in the center.  We wanted to make sure there was plenty of room to walk and see everything. 

Silent auction tips and tricks.

The trick to make the tables more elegant and interesting, is to add height.  Boxes placed under the large tablecloths added height and interest to each silent auction item. Shoe boxes, plastic storage bins, packing boxes, even paint cans--all work well hidden under the tablecloths.

Silent auction tips and tricks.

Descriptions of each item were printed out and displayed by each bid sheet.  All the team members were required to donate items. Many were experiences and services.

Silent auction ideas

Childcare and babysitting are always popular items at our church fundraisers.
Other creative service ideas:
-free trip to the airport--pick up and drop off
-specialty desserts made throughout the year delivered
-party planning with favors and decor
-home organizing services
-weeding and yard work
-computer repair
-homemade meals
-garden/landscaping advice
-fresh flowers from the garden all summer long

Displaying items at a silent auction.

We divided the silent auction items into three colored sections. Blue, Yellow and White.  Each section closed at a different time. This allowed our team to get a head start on entering the winning bids into the computer for an easier check out at the end of the evening.

Displaying items at a silent auction.

To mark the colored tables, I used crepe paper and color-coded balloons.

Silent auction set up.

(This post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.)
All the baskets were wrapped up in cellophane...and you do know the trick for doing that, right?  No?  Cellophane bags...yes, they're genius!  

Tips for wrapping cellophane baskets.

Slide basket into the cellophane bag, tie with ribbon and trim the top if needed.  So painless. (Tape down bottom corners under the basket, if bag is too wide.) 

Tips for wrapping cellophane baskets.

The best place to find baskets is at second-hand stores.  Wash and air dry before using.  When packing the baskets with items, always use paper fillers or tissue paper to prop up the items high in the basket for easy viewing.  It also makes a basket look 'stuffed' and full.
cellophane wrapped baskets done easily

Our Ladies Bible Study Group put together two baskets.  I selected a dark chocolate/coffee theme and asked everyone to bring in a item for the baskets.  It was a hit!  Each basket went for over $150!

Silent auction set up.

A good silent auction has a variety of items--something for everyone..  Here you can see we had plants, boating trip, office supplies (all wrapped up in the canvas bin) and even framed photography.

Silent auction set up.

Other items included an herb garden in a pot, babysitting, professional sports tickets and even fresh handmade berry pies to be made in berry season and delivered.
Dessert dash at a silent auction.

Each team member was required to make something sweet for the Dessert Dash.  All items were displayed for everyone to view during the silent auction. During the dinner, each table pooled their money together for a dessert.  Each table's donations were tallied up and called off from highest to lowest.
Dessert dash at a silent auction.

The table with the most money, was allowed to run and choose their dessert first, closely followed by the next highest table and so on, and so on.  It was quite fun to watch the desserts being snatched up!

Alaska Fundraiser emcee costumes.

The program consisted of AH (Awesome Husband) sharing about about Alaska Christian College, the trip and telling lots of Alaskan jokes and stories...did I mention costume changes, too?  Everyone had a laugh!

Near the end of the evening, the entire team came on stage and introduced themselves.  They're going to have a great trip!

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