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Thursday, October 20, 2016

 We were back at our alma mater (Whitworth University) last week checking out the campus and visiting some students we love to encourage.  It's always fun to see the changes on campus and feel the college vibe as we walk around.  This visit we got to tour the new music building filled with glass, bricks, steel and LIGHT!  What a beautiful place.  How come the school didn't look like this when we were here?

Speaking of 'light', I decided to go with a 'BRIGHT' theme for the college gift bags this semester.  They're super easy to assemble and hand deliver. (Of course you could always package this into a box to mail as well.)

Purchase bright yellow gift bags, tissue paper and ribbon.

Purchase food and snack items that have yellow packaging.  
These are some of the things I put in the bags.
Cereal, soup mix, peanut butter, cookies, sunflower seeds, gum...
and a smiley face rubber ball.
(You know, everything a college student needs to study.)

Print out your 'Brighten Up' tag onto card stock and attach the tag to the bag or box.

 Click here to print your own Brighten Up tag.

Hand deliver to your favorite college students and of course make them smile in the middle of the HUB for a picture!  

I've used this 'bright', 'light' and sunny theme before. (It's one of my favorite gift giving themes!)  Check out these old posts.

And here's some more college treat ideas.
Just print the tags and fill up the bags.

College Blues                                 

Survival Study Sack

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Today I'm popping in to share with you this whale themed birthday party for my mother-in-law.  To be honest with you, I wasn't sure if a whale theme would 'sink or swim' with our family, but everyone loved it, especially the grand kids!

(Note: This post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.)

The table was lined with blue striped wrapping paper, blue tulle and blue vases filled with white flowers.  For some reason, I'm really into tulle lately. ( know that netting stuff that tutus are made of? It's perfect for parties and bow making.)  Better add that craft item to my favorite things list: ribbon, washi tape, chalkboard, tulle...
Name rocks are from this post.

And of course, I used every whale pun I could come up with!

Yes, this post is 'drowning' with whale puns...some are better than others.  This cute little chalkboard easel is from Michaels.

A friend gifted me these precious Whale Wooden Ornaments- click here. They looked adorable hanging from the glass vases placed down the center of the table.  I actually found the turquoise glass vases at a garage sale, but these vintage vases online are extra fabulous!

This was a family dinner, so of course the menu had to coordinate with the theme.  (You know me so well.)

including sweet potatoes 'chips'.
-Cedar planked salmon
Have you ever grilled salmon on cedar planks?  If not, YOU are missing out!  Oh wow!

The salad was appropriately named Seaweed.  Naturally, most of the grandkids stayed far away from it.

But, the veggie tray got some attention.  Look!  You can spot, (not a sea cucumber), but an orca whale surfacing right in the middle of the vegetables!  Oh yah!

The vegetables were appropriately named as well.

And the showstopper?  The fabulous watermelon fruit whale!

My sister-in-law (who has never attended one of my parties, because she lives so far away) was in town from Virginia, and offered to help me prepare food.  Oh, was she in for a surprise when I gave her this job.  Needless to say, nothing phases her and she totally rocked this watermelon whale 'right out of the sea'!  We served fruit out of it for a week, because it was so cute.

...and don't forget about refreshments. 
Sea Water...I mean fresh water, was the drink of choice. 

You been waiting to see the dessert table, right?  Here you go!

I hung my handmade paper Happy Birthday banner with a wood planked whale to set the stage. I found the whale at Home Goods, but I love this online Wooden Whale Wall Hanging, too!  Of course I had to paint the whale to match the party colors...everyone does this, right?

Treats included:
Whale blubber- blue jello with gummies
Blowholes- dried apples
Bottlenoses- blue drinks in a bottle

Chocolate Plankton- M&M's
Whale food- Goldfish crackers (Finding Dory version)

Whale bubbles- large white gumballs

Sweet Whales- sugar cookie cut outs

and a whale cake!

My sister-in-law and I crafted up this sweet and tasty thing.  It's a triple layer white cake with blackberry filling and buttercream frosting.  The whale on top is make out of fondant and lots of blue dye. ( sure to wear plastic gloves if you attempt this.)

I almost don't want to show you this picture...
(The forks were labeled, a clever way, not a mean way.) 
Save the whales!
Those cute little glass jars with metal whale tags were found at Michaels.

We used the whale and banner wall as a photo shoot backdrop...(just carefully pull the table out.)

And there you have it.
Happy Birthday, Nana!

Want to see more of Nana's Birthdays?
Check them out.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Question for you. WHAT do you give your sister and brother-in-law when they get a new camper? 
A Camper Housewarming Gift, of course! (or should I say a camperwarming gift?)

And just WHAT might that be, you ask? 
Well...I have a few ideas, take a look.

(This post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.  All opinions are 100% my own.  No product was given to me.)

As you know, storage space is tight in a why not give collapsible kitchen gifts that can be stored easily when not in use? 
Collapsible Measuring Cups and Nesting Measuring Spoons  are perfect for cooking. 
Mini Cutting Board Set with Knife will be used often. 
Mini Collapsible Colander and Strainer is the perfect size for rinsing fresh berries, vegetables and even pasta.
Come to think of it...these gifts would be perfect in any home, not just small spaces.

I used one small, plastic bin with tissue paper to hold and package the items. (Bin found at the Dollar Store.)

Print out this sweet tag on cardstock.
Click here to print your own Camper Sweet Camper tag.

Place all the items in the bin and tie on the tag with ribbon.
Hand deliver.

Here's some more great collapsible items for any home.

Here's some more housewarming ideas.
Summer Housewarming Gift with printable tag

Home Sweet Home Housewarming Gift with printable tag.
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