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Sometimes when you decorate pumpkins on Halloween,
you have to take the 'use what you got' last minute approach.

Letter stickers and a fake crow can work!

Eye stickers, 2 thumbtacks and a piece of mini pom pom fiber can work, too.

Add on a Dollar Store disguise and you've got yourself a handsome pumpkin!


The best part? 
Everything can come right off for more fun next year!

Happy Halloween!
Hope it's a great one!

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I've seen this idea 'crawling' around the 'web' for awhile.
I detest spiders, but when you add in a cute tag and chocolate...count me in!

You can 'spin' these up today and hand them out tomorrow!
(This post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.)

Supplies needed:

-Halloween Chocolate Hershey Kisses
-Bugs and Kisses tag  (link provided below.)

Fill the bags with the kisses and the plastic bugs. 

It's easy to snip off the tops of the bags, so don't feel like you need to fill the entire thing!  You can make these any size you'd like.

Click here to print out the tags on cardstock. (They print 9 to a page.)
Trim and hole punch the corner.

Tie on the tag with ribbon and trim the excess plastic tops off the bags.

These little goodies will be 'creeping' into the teacher's mailboxes at our church's preschool.

Don't worry, the spiders won't 'bite'...will you?

Happy Halloween!

Here's some more spider fun for you.

   Sweet Spider Treats

Creepy Crawly Cupcakes

Spider Web Smoothie


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Here's a quick last minute Halloween treat to hand out to the 'cutie pie' neighbor kids,
or sweet little nieces and nephews.

It's a 'CORNY' Treat!

Candy CORN
Bugles CORN chips
Chocolate chips  (because everything needs a bit of chocolate!)

Simply mix together.

No real measurements here. 
I mixed up mostly popped popcorn and sprinkled in the chips and candies.

Package up the mix in snack size ziplocs.
Tie a ribbon around the middle and tape on a tag.

Click here to print your own tags.

It's the perfect 'CORNY' Halloween treat. 

Of course, if you're really short on time.
Tie the tag onto a bag of candy corn and call it good.


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'Eye' believe you still have time to pull together these 'SEEN'SATIONAL Eyeball Treats.

Just 'look' to your nearest DollarStore and purchase all the spooky 'eye' treats you can find.

Eyeball gum
Eyeball chocolates
Eyeball balls and
Plastic 'severed-bloody' eyeballs.
This stuff sounds and 'looks' pretty spooky.
'Eye' hope you won't be scared off!

Using skinny cellophane bags designed for large pretzel sticks, 
('Search' for these at your local craft store in the baking aisle.) 

Arrange the eyeball treats stacked up
on top of each other 'looking' out.


Tie up with ribbon and add a 'seen'sational tag.
Click here to print your own tags.

To take the tag to 'never-seen before proportions',
simply hot glue various sized googly eyes to the tag.


Deliver to your cuties and watch their eyes pop! 

'Eye' wish you a Happy Halloween!

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I know I've mentioned that I strongly do NOT like to carve pumpkins...

So, today I've decided to get out some paints and tape.
Painted Dot Pumpkins

Start with fake pumpkins found at the craft store.

On a piece of waxed paper, lay out strips of painter's tape.
Using the cap of a water bottle, trace around the cap with a pen.

Cut out the circles.

Peel off the waxed paper and stick them on the pumpkin.

Paint entire pumpkin with white paint. 
Once painted, peel off the dots and let dry.

Quick, easy and festive!

Now, how about trying the reverse?

Paint on the dots and add a few white thumbtacks.  Easy!


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Fast Striped Pumpkins

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I seriously do NOT like carving pumpkins...
I much rather 'craft' my pumpkins.
I call these...Fast, Striped Pumpkins.
(very original title, don't you think?)

I couldn't believe how quick this was...
why haven't I done this before?  (because I thought they would be too difficult.)

Start out with a faux pumpkin.
Mine was purchased from the Dollar Store.
Tape off the pumpkin into stripes.

To make the side stripe:
Lay out strips of painter's tape onto a sheet of wax paper.
Cut out a round oval shape to fit on the side of the pumpkin.
Peel off the wax paper and stick on the oval shape.
Paint pumpkin with black paint.

Remove painter's tape.
(Can you believe how quick that was?  Crazy easy, right?)

It's OK if the paint seeps through under the tape a little.
I personally think it looks creepier that way. 
(...that, and I'm too lazy to touch it up.)
If you don't like it, touch it up with a small paintbrush dipped in black and smooth is out.

Happy Halloween!

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