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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Make Your Own Driftwood Star...Easily!

You didn't think I would go the summer without a driftwood project did you? 
Remember last summer's Driftwood Mirror Project
I'm still not in love, but it IS hanging on the wall.
This summer it's all about the star...

A Driftwood Star

I took inspiration for this project from here and here.  
Both of these sources made their 'star shaped' base out of plywood.
I took a much easier and faster route! 

I used a metal star.

You can find these at craft stores. 
You might even have one in your home?
Use your store coupon and not only will you save money,
but you'll save time cutting plywood!

Look how easy this is.

Step 1:  A Trip to the Beach.
Gather, gather and gather a 'boatload' of driftwood pieces.
I went for straight 'stick-like' pieces on the smaller size. 
(6 inches long or less.)

I thought about washing the sand off the sticks and waiting for them to dry in the sun...
but, I didn't think it was necessary...or worth my time.
(My laziness is really coming out today.)

Step 2:  Heat Up that Glue Gun!
(Be sure you have plenty of glue sticks!)

My metal star was a bit rough, so I knew my hot glue was going to stick.
You might want to rough up your star with sandpaper if you're worried.
I didn't have any problems.  Just apply the glue generously and press down.

Step 3:  Get Moving!
I started on an outside point and worked in towards the middle.
Hot glue each stick and put some glue on the metal star as you go.

Glue down the bigger pieces first.  Place them as tight as you can.

The metal star is divided into 10 triangle sections.
I filled in one triangle section at a time before moving to the next section.

I worked my way around the star being careful to keep
my sticks going in the same direction.
(Pointing in toward the center.)

Once the base is covered, go back and fill in all the holes with little stick pieces.
Glue the small pieces right on top of the big pieces.
(This part can get very addicting and time consuming...I didn't want to stop!)

Step 4:  Force Yourself to Stop!
Stand back and take a look. 
Pull off all your hot glue threads.

Step 5:  Display!

 Find a great spot to admire your creative work!
Remember my new cabinet from this post?

Ah...finally a driftwood project I love!


  1. This is such a great idea! Now, I don't know what beach you go to but I typically find like 2 pieces of drift wood! Big shells but no drift wood.

  2. I LOVE this!!! And I love the last picture of it on the card catalog looking piece of furniture!!! You sure do know how to rock the driftwood, Michelle!

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    Thanks for sharing this.

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  10. That is really pretty! I love Camano Island, what a great place to get driftwood.

  11. Wow, what a great project! You are so creative!

  12. That is really pretty! Great job! Megan

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  14. PRETTY! This is really great! Must find driftwood :) Just popping in from TT&J.

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  19. Holy moly Michelle! I can't believe you made that it looks like something straight out of the pages of Pottery Barn.

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  25. Beautiful project, love it! Oh you're so lucky to be near the beach. I miss it so much. I'm two hours away:-( No drift wood for me.

  26. This turned out beautiful! What a unique and pretty piece of decor you now have -- and you can say you made it yourself, which is always fun when you make something that turns out great. :-)

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