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Nerf Gun Party!

Some of you have been waiting to see my son's party from last week-end!
I showed the cake on my Facebook page, but that was it.
I've finally got the pictures ready for you...
Here it is...A NERF GUN PARTY!

Even though it was TOP SECRET INFORMATION...I'm allowing you to view this invitation. (Don't you feel special?)
NERF gun was drawn by my son.

We went with the NERF gun colors to decorate with...
Yellow, orange and black.  (Yes, it did look a bit Halloweenish...but my son loved it!)

NERF Gun Party Agenda!

Arrival and Assemble Gear was first.

My 10 year old really wanted the shooting to be fair. 
(Are all 10 year olds like this?) 
In order to have fairness, everyone needed the exact same NERF gun.
Luckily, I knew the party theme way back in November when Fred Meyer had their Black Friday Sale.  I was able to get these guns for a steal and tuck them away.
I also bought lots of extra foam darts on sale!

Update: NERF now carries these amazing laser NERF guns that add up points. They are sold in a set and a bit pricey, but very fun!

Eye protection is a must with NERF guns. 
These are Dollar Store sunglasses.  They worked perfectly and only $1.a piece.  If you don't have a Dollar Store nearby, these safety glasses are another affordable option and these glasses are even 'cooler' looking!

Of course my kid wanted NERF Elite Tactical Vests.  I was NOT going to buy vests for everyone, so I made my own version.  I used $2. black T-shirts and got out my sewing machine.

I sewed Velcro onto each shirt and the matching Velcro onto a piece of stiffened felt.
(The Velcro darts stuck perfectly to the felt. Click HERE to get Velcro darts.)
Using a thin plastic material, I sewed up a pocket with a Velcro closure, to hold the extra darts.
(My son was amazed that I could do this!--I was just relieved it worked!)

The boys were so excited to walk into the room and see their gear all lined up!  My son arranged who was on what team...
Team Orange or Team Yellow.
One boy looked at me and said...
"How did you know my size?"  (Moms just know.)

Next up:  Moving Targets Warm Up
Because my son was born in March and because we live in the Seattle area,
the party MUST be held inside.  (It snowed this week!)
We taped up yellow and orange balloons from the ceiling
and let the boys try out their guns by shooting the balloons (moving targets).

After warming up we moved onto Point and Shoot Target Practice. We just happened to have some laminate boards
(from this LEGO Organization project) that were perfect for the suction darts to stick to!
I made vinyl targets with number stickers and stuck them onto the boards.  Here's another option for stick on targets.
Our playroom looked like the Disneyland Toy Story ride!

One by one they fired off their guns using the suction darts. 
The darts stuck easily to the laminate boards.
We also practiced many Undercover Moves.
-Rolling and shooting target on knees.
-Peeking around the wall and shooting target.
-Running and shooting target with no stopping.

The Dodging Drill was when my AH (Awesome Husband)
at each kid while they tried to dodge the bullets.
This was quite the sight to see!

The Duck and Cover Drill involved moving out to the garage.
We gathered lots of cardboard boxes and set up a battle zone.
The kids practiced ducking behind the boxes and shooting at the wall targets.

After all those drills, it was finally time for Dinner! Here's a look at some of the food.

And don't forget about the cake!

The orange darts and letters are made with marshmallow fondant. I hand rolled each one!
The gun on top is a mini NERF gun. 
(I had to look everywhere to find one that small! You can easily order one HERE.)

One boy said to my son, "I don't really like cake, but I love my mom's cake and your mom's cake."
(Awww.  A mom lives to hear words like that!)
The gift bags had a few candies in them,
but were basically an empty bag for the kids to carry home their guns, darts and glasses in.

What you don't see in this picture is how sweaty my kid is.
The boys played so hard that they were dripping with sweat!

Here's a few extra sweets that ended up in their goodie bags...

(Gumballs)Sticky Bullets,
(Dipped marshmallows)- Bullseye Bites,
Quick Instructions:  Place lollipop stick into large marshmallows.  Dip marshmallows into melted colored Candy Melts.  Do one color all the way to the top, then let dry. Once dry, dip into 2nd color.
(Sixlet candies)- Candy Bullets.

And finally it was time for the 3 on 3 Nerf Gun Battle. Back out into the garage they went.
Team Orange took one side of the garage.
Team Yellow took the other side.
Fire away!

Oh, what great fun they had! 
They (we) were so exhausted!  Whew!

Happy 10th Birthday Jacob!

How could you possibly be that old?  I love you, kid.

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  1. What an amazing party!!!! I know my son would love something like this someday so I'm definitely pinning it. I know your son LOVED it- you did great :)

  2. Michelle...that is an amazing party! What a fun mom you are!

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  4. Fun party!! You did an amazing job!

  5. Wow! I seriously hope I am as cool of a mom to throw such an amazing, thoughtful party like that for my boys when they are 10 in 5 and 6 years!!! =)

    PS I live four hours south of Seattle in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, it is March 19th and this morning we woke up to s-n-o-w!!!

  6. Wow, what a fun party I am sure they all had such a blast. The cake turned out perfectly and I love all your details.

  7. Turned out awesome, as always. Something to keep in mind for Jonathan in a few years, especially the part about buying the guns on black Friday or at least during the Christmas craziness when they are on sale. Good plan!Now I'm going to check out your spring party as I need something for my front door.

  8. Hey Michelle! Thanks for visiting P3! It's always a pleasure to "meet" another Pacific Northwesterner. This is so cool. My son, 9, has had a nerf war party for three years in a row. The first two years we had at our home. This last October we went to a nearby park that had tons of trees and had a "Capture the Flag" Nerf war. It was awesome! The boys had the best time and didn't want to leave. You really went all out with the themed treats and everything. I'm loving what you did!!! My son's birthday is October 29th...the Halloween colors would have been perfect.

  9. My son would have flipped-out for that party! You get mom of the year for that. Dang! It was AWESOME. So dang cool!!!!

  10. Seriously ...the best homemade birthday party for a 10 year old I have ever seen. My youngest is turning ten in August! I love this idea. Way to go!

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  17. Wow, I have three boys, and they would have loved it! I wish I had seen this about ten years ago. My oldest is going to have a baby in August, so I am going to be a grandma. If it is a boy, now I've got an excellent party idea. Very creative! Thanks for sharing.

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  20. I just googled Nerf gun cake images and your pic showed up. I'm going to be a copy-cat and use some of your ideas. My son is turning 8 in April so thanks!

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    Take care,


  22. Oh my gosh, I bet your party was a HUGE hit with the birthday boy and all his friends. You are so clever to be thinking that far ahead so you could save money and give the kids the ultimate take home goodies from the party. Love, love, love it and it's so nice to see a super cool party for boys, although I know lots of little girls would have fun too, that's not for little babies.

    Thank you for sharing on A Crafty Soiree. I'm featuring your party in the newest one. Please come check out your feature when you get a chance!

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  25. I'd love to know how well the Nerf Guns held up. We just bought 15 NERF dart tag Speedload 6 Blasters in preparation for my son's 8th birthday. In testing them out they are jamming and the thought of 15 boys running around with defunct guns is not sitting well with me.

    I'm curious how the guns you used worked out.

  26. Loved the Ideas!!!!!!So Created!!! Love it!!!
    Congrats on a successful party.

  27. Loved the Ideas!!!!!!So Created!!! Love it!!!
    Congrats on a successful party.

  28. Great idea!!!

  29. OMG - this is an amazing idea! My son has been telling me that he wants to have a Nerf birthday party this year and I was really wondering how to pull it off. Thank you for some truly amazing ideas!!

    PS - I LOVE how you made the vests out of t-shirts!! Awesome idea!!!

  30. What a wonderful party idea. It looks like everyone had a great time. If anyone is interested I got some great invitations from


  31. Best idea EVER! Too bad my son is turning 12 this year...he's not into theme parties anymore :(

  32. Great idea. We went to a paintball birthday party last week and then yesterday it was a kids reptile party so we've had a good run with themes at children's parties.
    Cost is a lot, but they do make them far more interesting.

  33. Looks like Michelle did a great job! I know, because I've put so much thought into NERF-themed birthday parties that I started a business doing them for kids in the Pennsylvania/Delaware/Maryland tri-state area. If you're in the area, or just want some more ideas, feel free to call us at 855-NERF-DAY

  34. Wow!! you are one talented lady and a son who is truly blessed to have a great mum x My son asking for nerf party so I googled n found yours - thanks for the amazing inspiration - off to create ;0)

  35. What an great party! I want to do this for my 40th!

  36. Absolutely amazing! This is the perfect inspiration for my soon-to-be 7-year old son's birthday. What a blessing to come across your son's party just after seeing my little boy cry when we found out he is too young to paintball. He is now thrilled about having a nerf battle. Thank you for sharing!

  37. What a fabulous party...every little boy's dream Nerf gun party. My son is planning his right now and I loved the way you did the invitations. Would you share what font you used on them? Thanks so much!

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    Nita Digirolamo

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  40. That party looked great. A friend of mine recently saw your page and decided to have a Nerf Party for her 7yr old son. I then created this Nerf Party invitation for her.

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  44. Dear Michelle I loved your idea's! Really awesome!
    I loved your font. Would you mind share the font's name with me?

    Regards form the Netherlands Antilles!

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    Thanks! Sandy Howard

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  51. AWESOME IDEA, SAVED MONEY BEING CREATIVE. BY THE WAY, I LOVE THE CAKE!! I printed out the picture of the cake and asked him if he liked it and his response was, 'I love it!!!' He's turning 9 this month so your party idea was helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  52. I didn't realize that a target shooting can be a good idea for children's birthday until I read this blog maybe it can also work for adult. Your idea is so good and give me idea how will my birthday be creative and adventurous.

  53. I am hoping that my son's 6th birthday party will be as nicely executed as yours. Your post has inspired me to make my Nerf party personalized and witty. For personalization, I handmade a "target" piñata. For future Nerf party planners, consider making your own piñata. It really is simple and cheap! I blogged about how to make the piñata in hopes that I would inspire others as you do. Thank you for such an informative post!!

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