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Valentine Love Bugs

Valentine Link Party--Click here.

Got the 'bug'?  I do!
I've been 'itching' to share these valentines.
Don't go 'buzzin' off, they won't 'bite.'

an adorable thumbprint love bug.

a sweet pom bug.

an entire collection of candy pom bugs!

a love bug gift set.

a valentine butterfly.

stick-on luv bugs.

From Sweet and Lovely Crafts
be mine, bee tag made with fingerprints.

Idea from Hersheys,
Valentine Love Bugs
chocolate bugs of every shape and size!

apple ladybugs.

Hope I'm not 'buggin' you with all these ideas...
Here's one more from Jac O' lyn Murphy
Awww.  A Love Bug!  Gotta love it!

Keep on linking up those Valentines to the Link Party.
I'm having so much fun featuring your clever and crafty ideas!  Thanks!

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  1. Just lovely. I like the butterfly suckers!


  2. These are great! I love the apple lady bugs.

  3. What a great round up! Thanks so much for featuring two of my projects- what a treat!

  4. Michelle, I'm so delighted to be featured in this wonderful round-up of Valentine lovebug creativity!!