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Baseball Treats

To officially end the baseball season there must always be a celebration with treats, right?
If I'm in charge of the treats, they must always be themed and displayed with cuteness, right?
...even if it's for 10 year old boys?  Of course!

Our treat table lineup:
Infield and Outfield Cupcakes
 Crispy Rice Licorice Baseballs
and Crispy Rice Frosted Baseballs

It didn't take long to put these goodies together.
A pan of Crispy Rice treats was made and then cut out into circles.

Each Crispy Rice circle was then frosted and given red 'stitches'.
Click here for recipe.

I had a bunch of leftover scraps from cutting out the circles...and of course I couldn't waste them...
So I molded the scraps into balls and this time added red licorice for the stitching.
Surprisingly, these little baseballs were the most popular treats!

Next up:  Infield and Outfield Cupcakes.

After I made a dozen regular cupcakes, I switched to the mini size.
I'm starting to make more and more mini cupcakes these days. 
They seem to be much easier to eat, especially with the adult crowd.
(No chocolate crumbs stuck to your face!)

Simple chocolate cupcakes frosted in this buttercream recipe--click here.
Add to them green colored coconut to represent the outfield grass and they're ultra-delicious!
My 10 year old son called them 'epic'!  Epic is his new favorite word this year.
I'm taking it as a compliment!
The infield cupcakes were pretty good too.

Home plates were cut from sugar wafer cookies.
I didn't use the leftover pieces this time... instead, I ate them! 
Do you have any idea how addicting Sugar Wafer cookies are?  No?  I sure do...oh wow!

I used my cupcake stands to display the treats.
It's very easy to download any sports logo and print out flags. 
These TB flags are printed on computer paper, cut and taped to toothpicks.
10 year olds get pretty excited seeing their team's logo on everything!

The parents were a bit excited, too. 
AH (Awesome Husband) and I endured quite a few stares.
It's not every day that you see someone carrying a card table and cupcake stands to a baseball game.

One parent asked if she could help set up.  I told her to put the tablecloth on the table.  She looked at me like I was crazy as she said..."You brought a tablecloth for the boys?"

(Not many people understand crafty bloggers.) 

Oh, those boys were so excited! (I'm sure the tablecloth had something to do with that!?)

--and I learned something... 
If there are no plates, the kids can only take 2 items--one for each hand.
This allowed the adults to enjoy some treats, too!
(See, I knew I planned perfectly!?)

Thanks for a great season, coaches!
We had a 'ball'!
To see even more baseball treats-- click here.

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  1. How cute are these, you have one lucky team! I made a similar rice krispie treat on a stick for my daughters team, and it was a hit!


  2. Oh my goodness, you are SO creative! I love the licorice balls, and the infield cupcakes. Totally pinning this for softball next year!

  3. That is so fun cute and creative! Love it! Especially the infield cupcakes. Clever!

  4. Amazing, the magic you can work with rice krispie treats! Very cute party!

  5. Looks like fun! I love the no plate tactic. The rice krispie treats were so cute.

  6. The treats look great! My mom would have done exactly the same thing with the card table and table cloth. And everything would have matched and been color coordinated...right down to the last detail! I'm glad to see someone else is just like that! And the sugar wafers are addictive! And I love that the team took a picture around your treats and table! LOVE IT! Thanks for linking up to the All Star Block Party!


  7. My goodness, those are the greatest looking treats. Perfect idea for your party! That was such a fun thing for you to do for them. Blessings,

  8. Adorable baseball treats... my son would love them!

  9. Awesome - there's nothing cuter than a little boy in a baseball outfit - I tried to convince mine to keep playing just for the uniform

  10. What kind of licorice did you use for the balls? These are adorable!