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Sand Stars and Book Winner

First, we have a book winner from The Guest Book Giveaway.
Scroll down to the bottom to see if it's you!

We've been playing in the sand around here...such beautiful weather!
Check out our
Sand Stars!

Using Plaster of Paris in the sand can be a lot of fun.
Last summer we made these sand hands.

Plaster in the sand is quite simple, just a little planning to do
the next time you go to the beach.

Pack a large ziploc of Plaster of Paris and a small ziploc of water in your beach bag.
(I used 2 cups plaster with 1 cup water.)
I used a glass star dish I found at the Dollar Store, but any shape dish or mold will work.

On moist, flat sand, (you may need to add water to make sand moist)
press mold into the sand about 1/2 to 3/4 inch deep.

Using shells, rocks, sticks, etc. fill the inside shape.

Ask your adorable nephew to help you!

When your shape is filled with treasures, pour the water into the plaster ziploc.
Squish the bag until mixed.

Pour plaster into your shape.  We added a stick 'wand' to this one.

Let the plaster sit for an hour or more, then dig it up with your fingers.

Brush off the loose sand and display.

Here's our winner for The Guest Book Giveaway
Winning Comment (drawn randomly using Random Generator):
"Anything by Karen Kingsbury and Mary Beth :) bible every morning.
e-mail thank you."
Please contact me, godzislewife...I have a book to send you!

Thank you to all that entered The Guest Book Giveaway.


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  1. Well how fun was that? Looks like a great project for kids or adults! I'm intrigued. Cute nephew too!

  2. I LOVE this! Great job, and the arrangement in the last photo is so pretty. :)

  3. Wish. We. Had. The. Beach. Here!
    What a fun activity to complete with kids - endless possibilities

  4. The kids must love those plaster-and-sand projects!