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'Extra' Encouraging Gift

Ah, September...
There are never a lot of blog posts from me in Septmeber, due to everything starting at the same time!
School, Bible Studies, kids' lessons, youth group, volunteering duties, etc. etc.

I'm working with the Youth Group Leaders at my church again this year. 
It's a fun job that I enjoy. 
I do the encouraging and...
 they do all the hard work of leading our church's Jr. High and Sr. High School kids.
{This year my daughter is one of those said Jr. High kids!--yikes!}
It's our first week back to our 'Wednesday Night Live' program at church,
so of course the leaders needed some encouragement.

And my favorite way to encourage others is with a note and gift.
{Don't you like being encouraged with a note and gift?  Of course you do!}
This is so simple and easy. 
'Extra' gum, ribbon and a tag is all you need.

I made a simple tag in PicMonkey and printed them out on cardstock.
You could easily change the tag and make one for teachers, friends,
or anyone that needs some love and encouragement.
Hole punch the tag and tie it onto the pack of gum.
Quick, simple and fun.

Hope you have an 'Extra' great day!