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'Throw' a Punny Football Party!

Alright, alright! I must admit something right out of the 'tunnel'. 
I'm not usually a big football fan,
I live in the Seattle area and currently this city is going CRAZZZZY! 

Seahawks fever is everywhere!  Seahawks flags (12th Man) are flying on buildings, homes, cars and even on the top of the Space Needle!  The grocery clerks are decked out in Seahawks jerseys and so are the non-English speaking ladies that work in the nail salons.  The teachers are sporting their team spirit and yes, the Seahawks jerseys are even showing up in church!  Yikes! 

It's times like these when one must 'go deep' and find their inner football love.  Do you have the love?

My dad's birthday just happened to fall on the Seahawks playoff game, last Sunday- so of course you know what party theme we went with!
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Football Party Foods


Don't you just love that we all own a Seahawks shirt?  We borrowed the referee outfit from a friend. 

A trip to the hardware store for indoor/outdoor green carpet (less than $5. for a 12 foot long piece) made the perfect 'field' table runner.  I actually bought a remnant and had lots left over.
It's super easy to cut with regular scissors.
Football Party Foods

White electrical tape makes perfect yard markers and end zones.
My son used the extra piece of turf for crafting up a football training mat (think hopscotch).

The tape comes off easily-- so you can reuse the turf for a soccer themed party or a golf themed party or even, should I dare say-  a Teletubbies party?  Oh my! (Just watch out for lots of green shreds to be left everywhere this carpet lays.)

All food signs were printed in a Word document, (Jersey font) cut to size and glued onto little football tags.  Lime green coffee stirring sticks held up each sign.

Everyone knows a football game begins with a coin toss, right?
These chocolate coins provided much coin 'flipping' entertainment. 
The kids and the men tried multiple times to flip the coins and catch them in their mouths!  Unwrapped, of course!

Chocolate footballs 
provided another great activity to practice your throwing skills...right into your cousin's mouth!  Watch out!

And speaking of throwing skills, how is your spiral?
Are you a wannabe QB?

Sweet, cinnamon Mini twists scored an 'extra point' with the crowd.

No party is complete without pigskins...

Pork Rinds worked well for my word play, but nobody ate them.  Major 'fumble'!  
I think next time, for greater 'impact', I'll make mini sausages in a blanket.

Doritos just happen to be the perfect shape and color for...

Penalty Flags. 
(Unfortunately, the Seahawks are very familiar with these!)

The salsa was appropriately named...

Red Zone!

Donuts made the 'line up' at our party...and the crowd went into Beast Mode!  (You would have thought I never let my kids eat donuts--- well, yah, I guess I don't!)

Football Party Foods

Fullbacks, halfbacks, quarterbacks and of course, centers.
I don't have to tell you which position was the favorite!

Football paper cups from the Dollar Store were perfect for 'holding'...

Cut vegetable sticks.  Put a little ranch dip in the bottom of the cup and you're 'ready, set, hike'.

Lots of veggies were also in the..

Toss It salad.  (I'm trying to come up with a better label for this one, any ideas out there?)  
How about a Salad 'Scramble'?

I served up a couple different party wings, but these hot wings...

definitely had a 'kick' to them!

To cool down the taste buds,

was Sticky Hands Rice.
Russell Wilson, don't fail us now!

Chopped fruit arranged in a line on a platter

was named the defensive line. 
And if you have a defensive line, you must have an...

offensive line.  (No comments on this one.)

Chocolate cupcakes covered in turf (green sprinkles) and yard markers (white icing piped on)

scored many touchdowns! 

Melted yellow candy melts make easy, edible goal posts.
Idea came from here.

The most exciting 'play of the game' was the ice cream cookie cake made for Grandpa.

Cookie dough ice cream, sandwiched between 2 giant chocolate chip cookies and then covered in dark chocolate!  Shaped like a football, of course!

The crowd was shouting for an 'instant replay'!

All Seahawks fans are feeling pretty secure in their win of the...

...I'm not going to say it, yet.
(I wouldn't want to sound cocky-- oh wait, that's apparently what the Seahawks fans are known for?)
Oh 'Snap'!   I think I caught the fever!

A large football field tablecloth hung on the wall and draped o the table makes a fun backdrop. Upside down green buckets and pails make the perfect food stands. I hung the football cutouts with fishing line to make it look like their floating.

Here's another fun football food idea to try.
Football Brownie Dessert Bar

Are you a Seahawks Fan?
Click here to print your own Seahawks Valentines!

And another one.

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  1. Okay, coming from a Niners looks great and like a lot of fun. Still have to say..."Go Niners"!

  2. Great party! Sorry, I'm with Kristin, is it ok if I come by with my Niners jersey on?

  3. OK, I cannot get behind this party - you see your Seahawks beat my Saints - I was watching that game and was so sad - and I am a football fan. Strange enough though, my 8 yr old was wearing a Seahawks shirt during the game since he's a fan (I blame an uncle for that sad influence). I threatened to not serve him dinner that night but in the end relented :) Go Saints!

  4. Oh my gosh Michelle this is too much fun! I love all the names on the food signs(especially the offensive line)...brilliant!

  5. First- GO SEAHAWKS. (I just moved away from Seattle over the summer and the hardest thing for me was leaving the Seahawks! LOL. I have not changed my loyalty despite having a new residence.) You did an AMAZING job with this party- so many great ideas. Glad I found you through the Weekend Wind Down linkup!
    On the Daily Express

  6. Very cute! Thanks for linking up at Weekend Wind-Down again!

  7. That is awesome I love the table runner that you made, genius

  8. Can I come to the party...this is great and I will be rooting for the SeaHawks because unfortunately our team is out - EAGLES! Thank you for linking up with us at #WWDParty - have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Such cute ideas! Almost makes me want to make football-themed stuff -- and I don't even like sports, lol! :) Thanks for sharing at the #WWDParty!

  10. This is such an adorable party! i love those cupcakes! :)

  11. This is just too cute for words, and so clever. It looks like it was fun too! I'd love for you to stop by my Super Bowl Eats and Treats Party and link this up, along with anything else you think is a "must have" for Super Bowl Sunday!

    Thanks, and I hope to see you there!

  12. I love the green table runner! I've only had one themed party...Little House...not exactly football. :)

    Thanks for linking up with WWDParty!!

  13. Hi Michelle! Just wanted to let you know that you are being featured again over at the Weekend Wind-Down party. Hope you come link up again this week! :)

  14. How cool is this party?! I am in love with the table runner!

  15. My husband was born and lived in Anacortes, Wa all his life until he went to the military where we met. He has always been a Seahawks fan and our 2 boys are fans as well. Thank you for the cute party ideas. We are having a Super Bowl party and I have to help him represent. Our neighbor is from Seattle too and we now live in California, so we will be flying our 12th man flag this Sunday. GO HAWKS!

  16. You are amazing! I wish you lived closer so you could help me throw parties for my kids!

  17. Hands down the cutest football party I've ever seen! Bravo!!!!!!