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Fast Cards Using $1. Note Cards

I'm back again.
More monogrammed note cards transformed!

Can you believe these are $1. pack note cards?

Here's the before.  Two packs of note cards from Michaels.

If you've been following me and my card adventures,
you'll know exactly what I did to create these.

1) Peel off the monogrammed labels.
2) Print out the message you need on white card stock.
    Leave lots of room to cut to size.
3) Mat white message on coordinating colored paper and glue onto the front of the card.
4) Tie on a matching ribbon over the top of the paper squares.

I did the exact same thing to the pink floral note cards.


Monogrammed note cards found in packs of 6 at Michaels.

Personalized thank you notes with a handmade touch.


I bet you're wondering who is receiving all these note cards...
Don't worry, I won't hold you off too much longer.
Come back tomorrow for my last card making post to find out!
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  1. You have cards for everything...Love it! can't wait to see who the recipient is

    1. Thanks, Alexis! When they're this easy to make, you can have a card for everything!

  2. Great idea! Stationary and notes cards can be so expensive.

  3. I am loving how you're revamping these cards! <3