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Azeka's Ribs- Korean Style Flanken Ribs

I'm kind of hoping that no one reads and tries out this recipe. 
It's sort of a secret family recipe that is so incredibly good, that you just don't want to share it with the world.  (That sounds a little snobbish, doesn't it?)

After some Internet hunting, I did find some similar recipes on the web, so I guess it's not really a secret.
I am posting it on my blog, so I guess I'm sharing it with the world, which makes me not a snob...right?!
I probably shouldn't mention that the real reason I'm posting this recipe is so I won't lose it.

My amazing mother-in-law passed this recipe down to me because (1) she loves her son, (2) she loves me, and (3) she is not a snob!  This is my husband's favorite recipe of all time.  Every birthday, sometimes for holidays and sometimes for special guests, we make these amazing, sweet, garlicky ribs.

Here's the story...
(because every good recipe has a story behind it.)

 There once was this little snack shop in Kihei, Maui (now closed) where my husband's family would eat while on vacation.  It was called Azeka's Ribs.  The place was small, located in a strip mall with a walk up ordering window.  They sold the most amazing Korean style ribs.  One could buy a pound or more of ribs cooked or uncooked--ready to take home and grill yourself.

My awesome husband (AH) grew up with these ribs and LOVED them!  Every trip to Maui, their family indulged in these ribs.  On one Hawaiian trip that his parents took without him, they brought him home Azeka's Ribs in a cooler on the airplane.  Later at home, AH's mom worked hard to duplicate the Azeka's Rib marinade recipe (this was before the internet, people!)  She came up with this recipe (with help from a Korean friend) and made them for her son's birthday every year.  When I married into the family I was introduced to Azeka's Ribs and of course, the rest is history.

Azeka's Ribs Marinade
(Feel free to experiment with the amounts.  Some prefer much more sugar, others more sesame oil and garlic.)

5-6 pounds of Flanken Cut Beef Ribs
(The meat is cut lengthwise across the rib bones.)

In a large bowl mix together the marinade:

1.5 cups soy sauce
1 cup sugar
7-8 cloves garlic, chopped
4 Tablespoons sesame oil
2 Tablespoons fresh chopped ginger (or 1 Tablespoon ground ginger)
1 Tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon hot pepper sauce

Soak meat in the marinade and then place the meat in large ziploc bags.
Pour marinade over the meat.  Seal the bags and place in a pan in the refrigerator.

The longer you let the meat marinate in the refrigerator, the better!
3 days is amazing, but 1-2 days still works.
A couple times a day, turn the ziploc over to help the meat marinate fully.

 Grill meat on medium heat.  Don't go too hot because of the sugar.
Serve warm.

Now,  since I'm sharing this recipe with you, I must share AH's Azeka's Ribs eating ritual.

(1) Use your hands.
(2) Don't leave any meat on the bones.
(3) Suck the bones dry.
Ewww,  I know, I know...but trust me.  One bite and you'll be sucking the bones, too!

There you have it.  See, I'm not a snob.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Michelle! These look amazing!

  2. Hi, there! This looks delicious! I found you on Craft-o-Maniac, and am excited to be your newest follower! Would love to have you link up at my Tips & Tricks linky party!

  3. The original recipe, given to me by SuSu (a cousin who worked there) included 1/4 pear and some 7-Up.

  4. Thanks you so much. I made this awesome marinate once with beef ribs and once (today) with chicken breast Yummy. I wanted to thank you for this recipe.