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Themed Decorating for a Fundraiser Dinner

A Cheesy Fundraiser

Whether you think fundraisers are 'brie'lliant or not.......
CHEESE sure makes a great theme!
Especially when you're dealing with Jr. High and Sr. High students.

This church fundraiser was mostly coordinated by our pastor's wife,
who asked for a bit of help with some puns and d├ęcor from me. 
Take a look!

Our church needed to raise funds to hire a new Youth Pastor.
An idea to bring in a cheese sandwich food truck resulted in the fundraiser's theme...
(I love a cheesy theme!)

Of course there is always a very, very small budget when decorating for a church fundraiser. 

**Balloons and gift bag centerpieces to the rescue.

Balloons are (in my opinion) the easiest and most cost effective way to decorate a big space.

I simply tied up a yellow and an orange balloon and taped them to rocks for weight.  Each rock was put in a gift bag.

The tables were numbered, so I numbered each gift bag as well. Yellow tissue paper sat sticking out of each bag.

The best part of using gift bags as centerpieces, is that all the checks and donation paperwork can go directly in the bags after the evening is missing money!

Plastic yellow tablecloths add lots of color as well.

On the evening of the event, the cheese sandwich truck parked itself in the church's parking lot and everyone placed their order.
(It sure helped that the weather was amazing!)

Inside the church was salad, fruit and cheesecake for dessert.
(get it?)

Each table also had lots of cheesy snacks...

Cheez-Its, cheese sticks and Cheetos were greatly appreciated by the teens!

Here's a look inside the cheese truck.

Everyone had a 'grate', come on- you knew I was going to put that in!  The best part is we raised enough money for a Youth Pastor.

I just HAVE to close with a cheesy joke...

What's the most religious cheese? 

Swiss cheese...cause it's the one with all the holes.
(Get it?  'Holy' cheese.)

Pretty bad...maybe I should try one more? 
This one is AH's favorite cheese joke...

What do you call cheese that isn't yours?



Here's another 'budget-friendly' fundraiser dinner.

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