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Pun Filled Donut Themed Party

It's a Pun-Filled Donut Themed Party!

Hope you're not one of those people that say... "I 'donut' like puns."

My little brother had a birthday, umm...last fall.  We had just found out we were going to move, so I needed a quick, fun party theme that would be easy to pull off.
My brother's favorite treats are donuts and Diet Coke.  
(Since then, Diet Coke is no longer in his diet, but nevertheless, we talking about last year. I'm sure donuts are still a big part of his diet!)
Check out how fun and 'punny' a donut theme can be!

First I downloaded these donut tags from here. 
Black and white striped paper cups (from Pick Your Plum) are filled with powdered donut holes.  Donut labels were taped to black coffee stirrers.

The table was covered with black butcher paper.  I used a white chalk marker to write all kinds of donut puns.

Just in case you need some donut's a few!

We donut believe you're another year older!
Here's to a great jelly and fun-filled year.
We love you with our 'hole' heart.
We donut know what we'd do without you.
Are your eyes 'glazed' over from a sugar high, yet?
We love ya... and not just because you make a lot of dough.

(This one is a bit 'tongue-in-cheek'...because my brother works for my husband.)

and my favorite...
You're older hurts, donut?!

Mini Diet Coke cans were at each place setting.  I taped a paper straw (that I cut to size) with washi tape directly to the can.

I also downloaded these printable donuts.  They look so real!
A bit of printing, cutting and taping and I assembled a fun garland.

I put one printed donut under each glass plate.  And take a look at the donut hole tower!

These were the best instructions on how to make a donut tower.
My daughter thought the donut tower was amazing and had to have one at her birthday party!  Click here to see.

I also made a double layered chocolate cake.  Buttercream frosted, chocolate jimmies sprinkled and lined with mini chocolate donuts, of course.  Quick and easy!

And there you have it.  A festive donut celebration!

 Did you know that National Donut Day is the first Friday of June?
Krispy Kreme hands out free donuts on that day--if you don't mind standing in their mile long line?

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