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White Christmas Gift Guide and Printable Tag

'I'm dreaming of a White Christmas!'
Yes, our family always dreams for a white Christmas...but it rarely happens in Seattle.  This season, we're hopeful for a little white stuff-- and not just in the mountains!  There's a small chance of snow in the forecast for tonight!  Yay!

I've gathered up a 'sleigh-full' of my most favorite, white, wintry, soft & fluffy gifts for everyone on your list.  You may find some gifts for yourself, too.  Scroll down and take a look.

And to help with your gift-giving, here's the perfect tag to print out and attach to any white & wintry gift.

 Click here to print your own tags.

This post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.

1.  This white, fuzzy throw is from Target.
Such a perfect size, color and price. I'm gifting this exact one to a friend this Christmas...shhh!

And here it is all tied up with white netting and a White & Dreamy Christmas tag.

2.  I fell so in love with this white, fuzzy pillow from 
Pier 1 imports.   It's actually sitting on our sofa right now.  It's so super soft, you see it from across the room and it just calls you to come take a nap! Zzz!  I'm tempted to get off the computer right now and curl up on the couch.

3.  Oh, look at these comfy, cable-white, fluffy slippers.  I'm putting them on my Christmas list.  Soft, heavenly pillows on your feet...I'm sold!  Don't they look warm?

4.  Warm woolen mittens are a must!  Check out these dreamy mittens to keep your hands warm.  Don't you love the little snowball puff on them?  Definitely one of 'My Favorite Things'--you are singing that song, right?  

5.  Ohhh!  I love these fluffy, long, roll neck sweaters!  Isn't this one perfect?  I own one in black, but I'm thinking white is the color I need.  I love to pair my sweater with a long dramatic necklace.  

6.  Snow for the tree.  I love these snowball ornaments to create a wintry Christmas tree.  There's something about white ornaments on a green tree that just looks amazing!  Pick up a pack of these and 'gift wrap' them inside a farmhouse bucket.  It's the perfect bucket of snow.

7.  Didn't you want one of these when you were a kid?  I sure did!
This Nostalgia Snow Cone Maker makes snow cones for any season--not just for Christmas. Can't you just see the kids setting up business with this machine?

8.  Here it is!  The stuff you need to make your own 'white' Christmas. Just add water to the powder and you have instant snow.  How great is that?  Such a fun gift idea for the kids to play with while waiting for Christmas dinner.

9.  Don't forget this classic.  A White Christmas on DVD.  
You could include this DVD with any of these 'white' Christmas gifts!
White Christmas (Diamond Anniversary Edition)

10.  And I had to include this White Christmas quote sign from Lindsay Letters Studio.  I love her prints.  Seriously, if you have an extra minute or two, you must visit her online shop! 

Need even more white, wintry snow ideas?  Take a look at these from Amazon.

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