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Easy Lettered Christmas Ornaments with Stickers

Quick letter ornaments with stickers.

Easy Lettered Ornaments with Stickers
Make these easy ornaments with no fancy cutting machines...just stickers!
Seriously!  You wouldn't believe how easy it is to make custom ornaments for your tree with just a few simple supplies.
Take a look.

-A box of solid colored round ornaments.
(I used glass, but this could easily work on plastic ornaments as well. I bought mine at Michaels 50% off.) 

-2-3 packages of letter stickers (Choose narrow letters for best results.
I used this brand.)

-Beacon 3 in 1 Crystal-Clear Craft Glue (affiliate link)
-coordinating ribbon
-ornament hangers (these are my favorite!) (affiliate link)

Are you ready for the easiest directions I've ever posted?

Sticker ornaments.

1) Stick the letter stickers on the ornament and press firmly.

Spell out words like LOVE...

Fast handmade letter sticker ornaments.
Love sticker ornaments.
Quick handmade ornaments.
Fast ornament making with stickers.
I spelled out:

You could even spell out names for place settings.

Quick letter ornaments with stickers.

2) Once the stickers are firmly pressed onto the ornaments, let them sit for a few hours, then look at them closely. You will notice that certain letters will have edges that have peeled up. This is where the glue comes in.
Using the 
Beacon 3 in 1 Crystal-Clear Craft Glue (affiliate link) and a small paint brush, brush on some glue under the raised edges. Press firmly and let dry.

3) Tie on coordinating ribbon, add an ornament hook and hang on your tree. These could be packaged up as a gift set as well.

Quick ornament making with stickers.

Make your own letter ornaments.

The simplicity of these ornaments stand out on the tree. They remind us all what we should be focused on this Christmas season.

Black and white Christmas tree with handmade ornaments.
Quick letter ornaments with stickers.

 Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!


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