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Flower, Leaf, Cacti and Herb Puns for Gift Giving

If you've followed my blog for awhile, you know that I love to give creative gifts and parties with puns.  AH (Awesome Husband) introduced me to the power of a pun when we were first dating. Over the years they have grown on me and now almost 25 years later, I can't seem to get them out of my system. 
Recently, my mom asked me for some flower puns to put with a floral birthday bouquet she was giving a friend.  Once I got started,  I couldn't stop!  So now I have quite a list to share with you... over 60 puns!

Flower puns

Use these when you're giving flowers or a floral gift to someone. Use a pun or two to make a card. Maybe you'll find yourself hosting a flower or garden party and you need lots of puns everywhere?
Let me know how you use them.

**As I create more printables, I'll add the links to this post.

Gift giving with flowers and puns

Generic Flower Puns
Put these puns with any flowers or bouquets.
We've grown so fond of you.
Thanks a bunch!
Thank you for helping me bloom. Click here for post.
Bloom where you're planted (Welcome to the neighborhood.)
Thanks for helping me grow.  Click here for post.

Seed you later.  (Have a great summer!)
Hey bud--How's it going? (Use flower buds.)
To my best bud.
You're my bud.

Here's some color to brighten your day.
I blossom around you.
Blossoming love for you.

My love for you grows and grows.
Hope you have a sweet and flowery day.

Leaf Puns

Put these puns with any plant, leaves, or a leaf shaped gift.

You are unbe'leaf'able!   Click here for printable.
Never leaf me!
Hang in there. (hanging plant)

Don't stop beleafing!
Don't leaf me hanging!
Beleaf me, you're the best!

Beleaf it or not, it's your birthday!
Beleaf it or not, the school year is over!
Plant one on me!  Click here for printable.

Around the Home Printable Love Notes

Specific Flower Puns

Put the exact flower with the corresponding pun.

Gift giving flowers with puns

What's up, Buttercup?
What in carnation happened to you? (Welcome back.)
In all of carnation, we could never replace you.

You're looking fresh as a daisy.  (Glad you're feeling better.)
Not a daisy goes by without thinking of you.
Not a daisy goes by without missing you.
Iris you a happy day.

Iris you great success.
I really lilac you.
I lilac working with you.
I lilac being your friend.
Just a lily bit of love for you.
I love you a lily bit more each day.
You're no pansy, way to go!
I a'rose' thinking of you today.
Oh, snapdragon! I'm late for your birthday!
I love you, mum.
Just for you, mum.
For my mum.
I want to kiss you with my tu-lips.
These tu-lips are waiting for you.

Succulent and Cacti Puns
Put these puns with succulents and cacti plants.

Aloe you very much.
Aloe there!
You had me at aloe.
Just wanted to say, aloe.
Thistle will show you that you're loved.
Life would succ without you.
Pretty fly for a cacti.
I'm parched for you.
Stick with me.
I'm stuck on you.
Thanks for sticking with me.
Sorry that hurt, know that you are loved.

Herb garden idea for Mother's Day

Herb Puns  
Put these puns with the corresponding herbs.
To spice up your life.
You're a big dill.
Let's make a dill.
Dill or no dill?
For my wise and sage mentor.
Some sage advice.
I oregano it's your birthday.
No need to tell me, I oregano.
We were mint to be.
That mint so much to me, thank you.
We're mint to be together.
Thank you for your commit'mint'.
Thank you for your thyme.
I'll love you till' the end of thyme.
Wanted to add a little thyme to your day.

**I'm always collecting puns.  Please leave me a comment if you have more to add to this list.

Mother's Day Floral Bouquet

This bouquet of roses has love notes tied on the branches for mom.  Sometimes you don't need puns, just love.  Click here for post. 

These puns can be used with handmade plants and flowers as well.  
May Day Flower Craft for Kids

Ribbon Flower Craft


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