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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Candy Heart Magnets at Sunday School

When you make crafts with 1st graders, they always turn out soooo cute!  Here's a Valentine craft we made at Sunday School with candy heart boxes!  I borrowed this idea from my friend's son who made them in his Preschool class years ago. 

Find candy heart boxes with plastic windows in them. 
Take a photo of each child. 
Cut out the head of each picture. 
Carefully open the bottom of each box and tape the pictures inside the boxes, showing through the plastic heart shapes. 
Glue the bottom of the boxes closed with hot glue.

Apply self-adhesive magnet tape to the backs of each box.  Use red construction paper to cover up the writing on the front of the boxes.

 Have each child write
"For You
Love, (their name)"
on the red construction paper.

Good work, kids!

Put candy heart box on magnetic surface and admire!

These were the perfect Valentine's gifts to hand out to parents!


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