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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Palm Sunday Craft

Hosanna!  Jesus is King!


One of my favorite Sunday School lessons to teach is the Palm Sunday story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. (Matt. 21:1-11)  I love hearing the kids discuss how they would treat Jesus if he was coming to their neighborhood.  "I'd invite him to my birthday party"..."I'd take him to Red Robin"... "I'd show him my room."   We discuss how Jesus is our King and what that means.
I then teach the kids how to shout and sing 'Hosanna', how to lay down their coats and branches for Jesus, just like the people of Jerusalem did back then.  The only problem to re-enacting this story is that we live in the land of wet, prickly pine trees, not palm trees.  So, using the kids' palms (you know the palms of their hands) and lots of green paper, we made our own palm branches!  Here's how...

Trace around each child's hands once on light green construction paper, and again on dark green construction paper.

Have each student cut out their hand shapes.

Take a break from cutting...

Take a wood dowel and wrap green ribbon to cover the dowel.  I use hot glue at the top to secure, some more in the middle and again at the end. 
You could skip the ribbon and color the dowel green if you'd like.

Time for more cutting. 
Fold a sheet of green construction paper in half horizontally. 
Cut out a long 'half circle' shape. Cut slits halfway through the paper along the open side. 
Open paper to reveal a leaf.
Tape or use hot glue to secure 2 big palm leaves to the ribbon covered dowel.

Tape or glue down the student's cut-out 'palms' on top. 
Since there will be some serious palm branch waving going on,
secure firmly to avoid 'repair work'.

Now go shout it out and wave those branches high! 
"Hosanna, Hosanna, all the people sing.
Hosanna, Hosanna, Christ the Lord is King!"

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