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Teacher Appreciation Ribbon Flowers

We have lots of Sunday School teachers to thank this week-end. 
Our church asked each child to bring in a flower for their teacher. 
The kids and I decided to make our's definitely more fun to make them!

I did a little prep work...Using a circle cutter and yellow cardstock, I cut out a 3 inch circle for the center front and center back of each flower.

Using a wood skewer (I use them more for crafts than kabobs!) hot glue the stick and the edge of a long piece of green ribbon to the center.  Twist the green ribbon down the stick adding hot glue as you go.

Now, get your ribbons out and call for the kids!
Have the kids cut a 3 inch piece of ribbon.
 (If smaller kids, you could have ribbon and tape already cut for them.)

Fold ribbon in half and tape it down onto the paper center. 

Use any sized width and any color of ribbon. 
Keep taping the looped ribbon all the way around the yellow center.

This center piece will be covered up, so tape away and don't worry what it looks like!

We all love a craft where there is no pressure for perfection!

Here's a full flower with all the ribbon loops taped down.  Hot glue the back of another yellow circle and adhere on top of the taped loops.

Look at that, kids!  No one knows what sort of taping job we did!
In case you're wondering why I'm using my 'doesn't have to be perfect'
kid craft talk, refer to
this post where my child had many 'it's not perfect' breakdowns.

Using green letter stickers, spell out the word, GROW.

Have the kids write on the center of the flower, 'Thank you for helping me GROW!"

Now, you could stop right there and be done...You could be...but not me...nope.
I always have such a difficult time stopping my craft projects.
Sometimes I should just force myself to stop, walk away and be done.
Sometimes my 'not wanting to stop' turns into 'way over done!'  You be the judge.

I added a ribbon pocket on the back to hold a gift card.

Using the widest ribbon I had (2-1/2 inches wide),
I cut a square about an inch bigger than the gift card.
I simply folded over the cut edges and hot glued them down.

I then hot glued the edges all the way around (except for the opening at the top.)
And of course, I just couldn't leave it alone...

I added a twisted ribbon flower!  I know...I know...I think I went a bit overboard.
  Have you ever made these ribbon flowers before?!  They're so addicting and easy.
(Twisting and folding the ribbon in a circle, hot gluing as you go...that's it!)

Here's the backs of the flowers with the gift cards inserted in the pockets.

Here's the front of the flowers.

Thank you Sunday School teachers!  We appreciate you!

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  1. This is such a lovely idea! I think this will be our school tahnks gift!
    Would you be willing to post it to our family themed link party ~ Playdate at ?

    COme & Play :: Playdate

  2. I have quite a few teachers to "thank" this year - I love this idea! I'm a new follower of your blog :)
    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    They All Call Me Mom

  3. How beautiful and thoughtful! We are so doing this next year!