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Birthday Trip to Hobby Lobby

A few of my girlfriends wanted to take me out to a fancy night
on the town for my birthday.
All I really wanted was to spend the evening at the new Hobby Lobby located 45 minutes away. 
When I suggested we change our plans, my friends agreed!  Yay!

I know they thought I was crazy, but it was MY birthday, so they went with it. 
(Don't I have great friends?)
I emailed them a Hobby Lobby coupon, since I knew they could not resist this store!

We met up on a cold, stormy night and headed into Lynnwood, WA.
This Hobby Lobby is brand new--only 2 weeks old!  The first one near the Seattle area!
None of my friends had ever been in a Hobby Lobby...the first time is always special!

We were barely inside the door, and my girlfriends were already
 oohing and ahhing over the fabulous mirrors.
(They were pretty amazing!)

The last time I was in a Hobby Lobby (in Spokane) was in October with pumpkins everywhere.
This time the store was decorated in Christmas garlands and greens--beautiful!

I fell in love with these striped canvas crates.
I adore the silver handles!

Check out these fun black and white letters!

Look at these incredible jeweled tape dispensers and staplers.
(We girls all agreed that our sons would not steal our tape if it looked like this!)

Look at this clever idea. How fun would this be to recreate?

And take a look at this...
I so want to put ribbon on all my gift bags this year!

No trip to Hobby Lobby would be complete without touring the ribbon aisle!


 Both Leah and Jen found a few items they couldn't live without!

Heidi and I didn't go home empty handed, either!
(I can't seem to leave Hobby Lobby without some ribbon...not to mention a few other things.)

We ended the evening with a birthday dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant!
Now, that is what I call a fun outing. 
Thanks friends!

Guess what I want to do for my birthday next year?


  1. Sounds like a perfect birthday! I don't have a HL near me but I'm waiting.....I really need that bling tape dispenser and stapler!!!

  2. It was so much fun, Michelle! I wish you'd cropped me out of the dinner picture. :)
    Happy birthday, dear friend!!