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Red and White Room- From Baby to Tween!

I'm sharing my daughter's room today.

I created this room right after she was born, almost 11 years ago.

I have always loved the color red and didn't want to go the pink red and white it was.
(Just so you know, I had a red bedroom as a child...and a red wardrobe..and a red wedding...and...)

Of course the room started out with a crib and changing table back then...
(picture taken in 2001)

Actually, the first thing we placed in the room was this red and white rug from Pottery Barn.
I fell in love with the checks with the flowers.

Using big red and white checked fabric I made a simple valance for the window.

I also made a 'canopy' of sorts. 
One piece of hemmed, double sided fabric-- hung on wood dowels.

I didn't want to paint the walls red, so I added red flowers stenciled with paint
onto the walls and closet doors.

We bought white furniture from IKEA and replaced all the knobs with round, red ones.
I added strips of red checked ribbon to the sides of the bookcase to cover the shelf holes.

Even inside the cabinets, are touches of red.

Over the years, we've added a desk and a red swivel chair.

Red checked bulletin boards hang over the desk

and even red magnetic boards to help with organizing.

Such a beautiful room with so many memories...

Here's a picture of me and my baby girl 11 years ago.
Notice the red bins and red hangers in the closet?!

(I knew this day would come!)
My daughter now thinks she wants an orange-colored room?!
ORANGE?!  Oh dear!


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  1. Love the red and white, but orange can be ok, too. Check out my friend Jess and her love of orange at "How about Orange"

  2. I painted my room orange at 17. It was a Moroccan/pumpkin type of orange. I loved it! :)

  3. I had a red room when I was younger too! And now, I want to paint my red dining room orange - well, more like pumpkin.

  4. So bright and cheery {and makes me think of the book "Ann Likes Red!"}.

  5. You were the link right after me on Happy Hour Projects. I love the red room but if your daughter likes orange it's pretty great too! I love orange! Take a look at my living room. Haha! ~ Barbara

  6. P.S. - I'm going to follow you so I can see what you do with your daughter's room! ~ Barbara

  7. I love the red room, orange not so much. But kids should make some of their own choices, so bring on the orange! Will be your newest follower, Laura - Cottage and Broome

  8. Time flies, doesn't it? FYI I meant to tell you, lovin' your business card, the ribbon accent makes it hard to get lost in the shuffle!!

  9. love it, especially the fabric above the bed! great job!

  10. absolutely wonderful I love all the red and white.I'd love for you to link up to my linky party

  11. I like to see how you transitioned it once - can't wait to see how you change it up again - orange could be so fun - I always love gingham, my daughter has some red gingham in her room too

  12. 11 years ago! Where has the time gone?! I remember seeing that cute red and white nursery and what a special time that was for you. I have fun reading your crafty ideas and catching up with you through them. Oh yea, Happy 40th you young thing! Ann :)

  13. I love red too - I'm so glad it is gender neutral (seeing as I apparently just make boys). I like how you've decorated this room, especially the canopy. I'll have to suggest that to my friends with girls.