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Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving with the family is never boring! 
Even picture taking turns out to be quite comical.
Why is it so hard to get a decent family picture?
(Yes, we moved my mom's couch out onto the lawn!)
A lovely meal was followed by our own Turkey Trot.
Click here for the game.

 Everyone else's family knows how to take a picture.
Why don't we?
Now...who should I blame?!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The kids did a bit of blogging over Thanksgiving break. 
Here's their latest posts:

How to Make Paper Snowflakes

Making a LEGO Candle


  1. Don't tell me that...we are taking ours on Saturday...I am already getting grumpy. At least you guys look like you are having fun!

  2. Ours rarely turn out either. Somebody is squinting, refusing to smile, or making a funny face. That is family for you. Kids got excited when they saw Jacob's post about making snowflakes and promptly had to give it a try.

  3. Family photos are always precious (no matter the craziness)!