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Seattle Mariners Christmas Tree

The trees are up and decorated!  The house is full of lights!  

Love this time of year!

Last year, in the Baseball Room--

we had a World Series St. Louis Cardinals tree 

just for AH (Awesome Husband).

Remember why?   Click here to see.

This year, we're back to our Seattle Mariners tree.

Baseball is very important in this house.

Mariners hats, mini helmets, mitts and balls.

Mariners baseball cards and ornaments.

Complete with Lou Pinella.

Even Ichiro is on the tree.

Mariners lunchboxes sit under the tree...
and guess who's on the top?

The Mariner Moose, of course!

 And there you have it...


Maybe 2013 will be the year for the Mariners?

According to AH, "You just never know... "

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  1. Love the idea of baseball cards! We have a Clemson (small college in SC) tree every year in my son's room.

  2. Ok that is awesome! I am forwarding to my Aunt who is a Mariners Fanatic...

  3. Love the themed tree--nice work!

  4. I think this is such a fun tradition - not the Mariners part mind you, ha! but the tradition of the baseball tree. I'm pretty sure my boys would choose to create a Saints football tree.

  5. Found your blog through House of Hepworths - I saw the word Mariners and had to click on it! I'm in Illinois, but my husband is a huge Mariners fan. Just sent him this link and now he's bound and determined to have a Mariners tree next year! -Amber

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