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StarBURST Valentines

We're bursting with valentine love around here!
Check out these simple and easy Valentines
to make with Starburst candies.


Purchase the Starburst Valentine
Jellybean Mini Treat Boxes
at your grocery store.

(Have you tasted these Starburst jellybeans? 
They're amazing!  I'm not really a jellybean lover, but these red and pink babies are sooo good!)
Here's the steps.
I'm sure you could figure out how to make these just by looking at the picture above,
however...these colors were photographing so well, that I couldn't stop myself...
So here's the step-by-step process.
(what is it about red, pink and yellow?)

Step 1:
Glue on the pom with hot glue.
Step 2:
Make your own tags, or print out these.

Click on this link for tags.
Trim tags.


Step 3:

Tape tag to pipe cleaner with
washi tape or scotch tape.

Step 4:

Push a hole in the top of the boxes.
Step 5:
Insert in the pipe cleaners.

Hand out to friends.

 Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm leading a new Women's Bible Study at my church this winter.
At our first meeting, I gave all the small group leaders one of these
with this tag.

 One of the leaders looked at me and said, "You have way too much time on your hands."
I said, "Oh no, no, no...I get energy from being creative."
She gave me a funny look.
I'm not sure people understand the crafty types?
Wait until she sees the Valentine treat coming her way!

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StarBURST Valentines




  1. Super cute! Wishing our school allowed food at Valentine's Day. Jonathan sat down and drew 20 pictures which I then cut out, pasted onto cute card stock, stamped Happy Valentine's on it and threw on a Valentine sticker. I have a stamp with his name on it so stamped his name on it and we're good to go. Margot wants to take a picture of her and put a Valentine border on it at Costco's website. Not sure what Hanna will do. We'll check out your Valentine ideas from last year for something fun.

    1. Sounds like you're ahead of the game, Becky! Thanks for the comment love!

  2. LOVE THEM Michelle! The colors are fabulous and inserting the pipe cleaner is just Genius...and don't worry I get a lot of funny looks from people, they are just jealous :)

  3. Super cute, and I LOVE the color combo!