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Valentine for the LEGO Lover

LEGO playing never gets old at our house. 
I'm not sure I'll ever understand my son and his LEGO obsession?
The kid has millions of pieces...
does he really need the newest LEGO kit?
  He sure thinks so.

My son has shared his LEGO love with his younger cousins.
(I'm not sure how my sister-in-law feels about this?) 

These LEGO Valentines are for the cousins.

I found these minifigures packs at Target
during their After Christmas sale. 

I snatched them up as fast as I could!
I did find the packs on Amazon too, if you're interested.
Affiliate link included.
Or, if you really have some time on your hands, 
you could make your own minifigures
with chocolate or with saltdough. 
Click here for that LEGO saltdough post that almost killed us.
Back to the Valentine...

Print out a LEGO tag. 
(This is a Google Docs file, not to be edited. Once opened you'll need to scroll down to see printable.)
Click here for the link.

Fold labels right above the frame to make a bag topper.
Trim to fit.
Staple label to LEGO package.

Give to all the LEGO lovers in your life.

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To see my son's LEGO birthday party, click here.

To see my son's
LEGO storage and building table, click here.

(Now do you see the obsession?)

Click here for my A to Z Valentine list of printable valentines. 33 ideas and counting!

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  1. ha! So creative. I will have to share with my co-worker who also has a lego obsessed kiddo. They just threw him a lego bday party!

  2. Genius! My son would love those. And I secretly love those little mystery packs too, so fun to see what figure you get!

  3. Love this! My kids would love to receive those.

  4. Found you at Wildly Creative and love you!
    I too, gave up a wonderful teaching job to be at home with my kids. I am a grandma now and have never had a single regret. Good for you, too!

  5. Cute Michelle! My son has love Legos for years now and would think this is fun!

  6. So cute! We have the minifig mold, so maybe we'll make chocolate minifigures to go with the printable. Thanks!