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Fast Striped Pumpkins

I seriously do NOT like carving pumpkins...
I much rather 'craft' my pumpkins.
I call these...Fast, Striped Pumpkins.
(very original title, don't you think?)

I couldn't believe how quick this was...
why haven't I done this before?  (because I thought they would be too difficult.)

Start out with a faux pumpkin.
Mine was purchased from the Dollar Store.
Tape off the pumpkin into stripes.

To make the side stripe:
Lay out strips of painter's tape onto a sheet of wax paper.
Cut out a round oval shape to fit on the side of the pumpkin.
Peel off the wax paper and stick on the oval shape.
Paint pumpkin with black paint.

Remove painter's tape.
(Can you believe how quick that was?  Crazy easy, right?)

It's OK if the paint seeps through under the tape a little.
I personally think it looks creepier that way. 
(...that, and I'm too lazy to touch it up.)
If you don't like it, touch it up with a small paintbrush dipped in black and smooth is out.

Happy Halloween!

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