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Chalkboard Pumpkins

I strongly do NOT like to carve pumpkins! 
So this year, we're taking a different approach. 
Chalkboard Pumpkins.
Who knew how much fun these could be?

Using fake pumpkins purchased from the craft store.

Paint the entire pumpkin with a coat or two of chalkboard paint.
(Perfect job for kids...they can even paint the stem.)

Let dry.  Then, cure.
'Cure' means to cover the entire pumpkin in chalk.
(Another great job for the kids!)

Erase pumpkin. 
We used a couple wet wipes and then towel dried.

Once dry, decorate with chalk.

It didn't surprise me when my son drew a Jolly Roger on his pumpkin.
My daughter preferred a more traditional take.

and me... I chose simply...


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  1. I totally agree, carving is the worst! These are awesome...I even like the "cured" look.

  2. Ugh....I couldn't agree more. I HATE carving pumpkins but my husband thinks it's so un-American or something to do anything other than carve a pumpkin..haha I love the idea of making them chalkboards. What brand of chalkbaord paint do you use? It's something I have yet to work with!