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'Sew' Sweet Paper Sack Valentines

Whip out the sewing machine and some cute party sacks
for a 'sew' sweet valentine.

I had some red and white striped sacks leftover from here.

Cut out a heart shape from cardstock to use as your pattern.
Trace around heart and cut out with scissors.

Place 2 paper hearts, printed side out in your sewing machine.
Stitch around the heart, using your machine's biggest stitch.
Stop 3/4 of the way around to fill the heart.

Gather candy, treats and even little notes.

I printed off, "You are 'sew' sweet!" to put inside the heart.
Valentine washi tape was used to decorate the outside of the heart.

 Fill the inside of the heart.
Don't put too much inside or you won't be able to sew it together.

Sew up the opening.

Trim off any threads.

Won't your loved ones be dying to rip it open?

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Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. I adooooooore these! Another reason why I need a sewing machine--well, and to learn how to sew!

  2. Awww Michelle, these are "sew" cute!

  3. These are "SEW" awesome! I think these may be your cutest valentines yet!