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Recovered Dining Room Chairs-- Finally!

I did it!  I FINALLY recovered my dining room chairs! 
It only took me about 11 years.


We work really slow around here...

We have had the white fabric for over 13 years. 
I don't think I can call it white with all the stains...maybe more of a speckled tan?
I never really liked the white chair fabric, but never got around to changing it up.  The dining room set is now a bit outdated and not really our style anymore, but we are not replacing it anytime I knew it needed a little update.

These chairs have been through party...
after party,
 after meal.

This table has hosted many distinguished guests of honor,

and of course many holidays and celebrations!

Walking through JoAnns Fabric Store, I just happened to see this gorgeous black/white/gray modern, leaf print-- and fell in love.
My JoAnns gift card had been burning a hole in my wallet since I had my 50% off coupon!

The fabric isn't really reversible, but I liked the pattern on both sides.  Bonus for me! 
AH (Awesome Husband) unscrewed all the chair cushions for me and even helped me staple on the new fabric.
Seriously simple!
Why didn't I do this sooner?

What a difference!
 I think it's time to host another party!



  1. I have the exact same ding room chairs covered in the same white fabric! I've been wanting to recover them too but haven't. Now I REALLY want to after seeing yours! Great job!