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'Amazing' Gift for Dads, Grads & Teachers

School isn't out for another 2 weeks, 

but we have many, many people to thank, now!  

Teachers, coaches, bus drivers, Sunday School helpers, etc. etc....not to mention Dad and grads.

I like gifts that are fast and simple with a bit of clever creativity.  (Cuteness is always a bonus.)
This one works for me...and who doesn't appreciate a gift card?

Want to create one?

First, gather up some Amazon gift cards. The gift cards with the single 'a' on them work perfectly.

(The post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.)

Next, purchase white alphabet stickers like these.

Then, gather up some colored cardstock.  (I used blue and black.)

You'll also need:
-Washi tape and Baker's twine (optional).
-Tape-- any kind
-Glue stick

Tape the Amazon gift card to the middle of a sheet of cardstock.
Stick on the letter stickers directly onto the gift card.
Overlap the stickers onto the cardstock-- spelling the word, 'amazing.'

Add the stickers 'U R' above the gift card.

Another option is to add a #1 sticker after the U R.
Below the gift card, use stickers to spell out 'DAD', 'GRAD', 'COACH', 'TEACHER'...

Trim cardstock evenly and close to the stickers. 

Apply a strip of washi tape and tie on some baker's twine.
(Just for a bit of added flair.)

Glue onto a piece of black cardstock.  Trim.

Have your child sign the card and hand deliver!

Quick, clever, easy...done!

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