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Worth More than Gold Teacher Appreciation

My kids still have another week of school left...
(Yes, I realize that most kids are out of school, but for some reason our schools like to start after Labor Day and finish around the middle of June.)  This post contains affiliate links to help you locate products.

So, we've been working on teacher gifts...
Gold teacher gifts.

When your Jr. High student has multiple teachers and wants to give something to every teacher including her homeroom teacher, club time teacher, team teacher, assistant vice principal, secretaries and all her academic teachers...well, that's a problem.
Instead of doubling our tuition costs to pay for teacher gifts, we came up with this.

A perfect gift when you have a LOT of 'valuable' teachers to thank. (catch that pun?)

You can make this gift as big or as small as you'd like. 

On some we added a gift card to the top of a box filled with gold candies.  

On others, we bagged up some gold candies in cellophane bags and added a tag.

This is simple, simple, simple.

Print out these tags onto white cardstock.  Click here.

Trim and glue the tags to gold paper. (optional)


Hole punch tag near the top.

Purchase some gold candy in bulk.

Rolos, Snickers, Hershey's Nuggets, Gold wrapped mints, chocolate coins, etc.

Package up the candies.

Gold fortune boxes or small cellophane bags work well.

I had leftover gold rings from this party so I added them to the tags.

(The gold fortune boxes were from the party as well.)

I thought the rings added a bit of needed 'bling' to the gift.

Tie tags on with gold curling ribbon.

Be sure to sign the back of the tags before attaching them.

Hand deliver to all those 'precious' teachers.

Here's some more teacher gift ideas.


  1. Another terrific idea! You're full of them and I'm sure teacher's love your creativity. I can't believe how late into the summer your kid's school goes to! Ah, enjoy the quietness while you can;)

  2. Lovely idea, and not just for teachers gifts - I can imagine giving a version of this to pretty much anyone. (And don't worry, in the UK schools don't finish till mid July so this is still very timely for your international audience!)

  3. What teacher wouldn't like getting chocolate as a gift?! Love it!