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Mother's Day Table Centerpiece

I always love to set a festive table for our Mother's Day celebrations.  Here's a quick and showy centerpiece idea that you can create for your table this year.

Inexpensive styrofoam letters, covered in flowers spell out 'MOM'--no matter what side of the table you're viewing them from.  How perfect is that?  (Gotta love a palindrome that can be viewed backwards correctly!)

Look how easy these are to make.
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Styrofoam letters, MOM were purchased at a craft store.  My letters were about 10" tall.  I sprayed a very light coat of Krylon Spray Paint, Gloss Watermelon over the letters.  Warning:  The chemicals in spray paint destroys stryofoam!  Do not do multiple, heavy coatings.  I did one VERY LIGHT coat and thankfully, the paint didn't 'eat' up the foam.  


Pink hydrangea blooms were purchased at the Dollar Store.
I bought 8 bushels and picked the blooms off the stems.

Each bloom had a plastic piece which made them stick into the styrofoam easily.  You could add a touch of glue to the bottom of each bloom to secure them to the centerpiece even more.

Place the blooms tight and close together.  I only covered the front, backs and tops of the letters.  Leave the bottom of the letters without blooms, so the letters can stand up easily.

I ended up displaying our letters on white cake stands in the center of our table.

They also were the perfect photo prop!

Happy Mother's Day!


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