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Thanksgiving Table Turkey Favors

It's almost Turkey Time! Are you ready to celebrate Thanksgiving?
Guests invited?
Food planned? 
Bought the bird?
Table decorated? 

Make turkey cup favors for Thanksgiving.

Want to add in a little fun?  Maybe you'll want to make these cute little turkey cup favors for your feast?  Filled with popcorn, they give guests the perfect little snack, as they wait for Grandpa to pass the gravy!  Of course they could be filled with other little treats as well.  These turkeys come together...much, much quicker than cooking the bird in the oven!

Make turkey favors for your Thanksgiving table.
Supplies Needed:
Kraft colored cups or snack bowls.  (I used 8.6oz snack bowls.)
Wiggle eyes- big size (2 per cup)
1 small piece of orange fun foam
Feathers--  about 5-6 feathers per cup
Red pom pom ribbon (I found this at Target.)
Hot glue gun

Turkey craft for Thanksgiving.
1)  Hot glue the eyes on the cup, touching each other.

Turkey craft for Thanksgiving.
It's kind of fun to have all the eyes looking at you!!

Turkey craft for Thanksgiving.
2) Using a small piece of orange fun foam, cut a small triangle and hot glue it on, under the eyes.

Turkey craft for Thanksgiving.
3) Cut a small piece of pom pom ribbon and glue it on next to the beak.

Turkey craft for Thanksgiving.
4) Hot glue feathers to the back of the cup.

Turkey craft for Thanksgiving.
5) Trim off any ends that hang over the bottom edge of the cup with scissors.

Turkey craft for Thanksgiving.

6)  Add popcorn or another treat to the cup.

Turkey craft for Thanksgiving.

These turkeys don't have to watch you eat on Thanksgiving Day, instead, gift them to friends and neighbors.  Simply place popcorn treat in a bag and tie with twine.

Turkey craft for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Gobble, Gobble!

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