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Milestone 40th Birthday Gift Basket Idea

Need a fun and creative idea to celebrate a milestone birthday? How about an age numbered gift basket? This can work for any birthday number, but it's a bit easier to pull together for a 'ten' birthday number. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 work well.

Birthday Gift Basket Idea

Find a gift basket to fill and go shopping at your local grocery store. Depending on the age of the recipient, look for items that correspond to their birthday age. 

This basket was made for a friend turning 40, so I shopped looking for '40' things.
40 ounces, 40 pieces, 40 items, 40 calories, $40. etc.

Here's what was included:
-1 box of LIFE cereal. (40 Years of LIFE)  This item can be used with any age.
-1 40oz. bag of chips. (40oz. of chips)
-1 package of 40 Oreo cookies. (40 cookies)
-1 container of gum that had 40 pieces. (40 pieces of gum)
-1 gift card of $40. to a spa. ($40. towards a massage.)

The tags were made by cutting cardstock and pasting 40 numbers on each one. (I used a Cricut machine to make the numbers, but you could use number stickers.) I wrote on each tag what the item was. I tied the tags to each item using tulle. Items were placed in the basket with tissue paper and hand delivered.

Milestone Birthday Gift Basket

Of course my friend loved her basket and I loved that I didn't just hand her a gift card! Now, why didn't I take more pictures?


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