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Lamb and Sheep Scripture Tags and Gift

When a friend of mine was dealing with chronic pain after a surgery, I tried to come up with ways to comfort her. My words wouldn't give her the lasting comfort and peace that she was needing, but HIS words would. 

Comfort gift with printable scriptures

I found this sweet ceramic lamb planter and planted a little succulent plant in it.
I typed up a few of my favorite comforting scriptures and printed them on cardstock.

Free printable scriptures for a Get Well Soon gift @michellepaigeblogs.comPrintable scriptures for a Get Well Soon gift

I assembled the cards using small black straws, coordinating washi tape and ribbon.
(Scroll down for the link to print your own cards.)
Trim cards, tape the straw onto the cards and tie a ribbon to the top. 

Lamb gift for a friend in pain

The scriptures on the straws make it easy to stick them in a plant.
I thought my friend could switch out the scripture cards or place the extra cards in other plants around her home. I prayed that as she read these verses, she would feel the peace and comfort that only God could provide her. A peace that soothes her and reminds her that He is with her. That He cares for her and loves her, even in the pain and suffering.

Comfort gift with printable scriptures

Want to make your own?
Click here to print the Sheep Scripture Cards.

You could make your own scripture cards by using these blank cards.
Click here to print blank Sheep Cards.

Here's some more sheep gift ideas to use these scripture cards with.

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