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Beach Themed Mantle

I'm bringing the beach indoors-- to my mantle.

Yep, after finally taking down my 4th of July Red, White & Blue decorated mantle, I decided to go with the ever popular, but oh, so refreshing...beach theme!
I thought I'd share with you my recipe for a beach inspired mantle...
(I totally made this up...I'm not a beach-themed decorating expert, however living 3 summers on Camano Island and subscribing to Coastal Living Magazine gives me some expertise, right?!)

Michelle Paige's
Recipe for a Beach-Themed Mantle

STEP 1:  Clean off mantle. (Pack up last season's decor and start with a fresh slate! It doesn't hurt to dust off the mantle a bit before you get started...mine was slightly overdue.)

STEP 2:  Bring in some beach glass.  Look around your home for some large glass elements to add...preferably light blue, turquoise  or green hued glass.
(How cool is this big, aqua glass beach float...complete with rope!)

Which brings us to Step 3...

STEP 3:  Add some thick beachy rope, twine or netting.
(I spotted this roped glass float at a store on the island, and fell in love with the color!)
(I'm still on the lookout for some beachy fish netting.)

STEP 4:  Place a model ship next to your beach glass...preferably a sailboat to help you feel the calming waves and light breeze!
(This cute, wood boat was found at a garage sale...I couldn't pass it up!)
(The turquoise glass jug vase was on clearance at JoAnns for $5. last spring.  Love it!)
And finally finish off with...

 STEP 5:  Add in real beach finds! Think driftwood, shells

crab claws? feathers? mussel shells! oyster shells! barnacles?!

fishing line?!

(This driftwood sculpture was created by my son at Delzel Art Camp on Camano Island.  Jacob collected driftwood and treasures off the beach, then hammered, glued and even hung some of the pieces together. Quite an original piece of art...I love it!)

And there you have it!  A beach-themed mantle!

After all steps are completed, sit back, admire and enjoy summer...before it 'sails' on by!

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  1. looks good - I need to fix up our mantle - I haven't tackled it since birthdays in May - just embarassing

  2. I love that your son created the driftwood sculpture! I have been in love with those glass floats forever, but I don't really have anywhere to put one in my house!

  3. Lovin that blue glass float! And what a personal accessory with the driftwood piece. Love it!

  4. Looks beautiful. I love aqua glass. The driftwood art is wonderful!!!!!