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Make Your Own Balloon Bracelets

Walking through the party store a few weeks ago, we came home with something not on our list.

A Twisty Balloon Kit!

Somehow my kids talked me into buying it. 
(Are they getting better at sweet-talking me into things?!)

However, with the purchase there was one condition...

they had to make dog balloon animals for Nana's upcoming Puppy Party.

The kids definitely came through with their end of the bargain!
The balloon dogs were adorable!

But... there were 2 problems with the balloon art. 
1)  The sound of twisting balloons almost killed my husband.
Balloon art is now only created when dad is at work!

2)  For every balloon that turned out, about a third of them did not! 
The popped balloons started adding up which gave me an idea...

Why not use the popped balloons to make balloon bracelets? 
I had seen these bracelets in a gift store recently and thought, I can make those!

First, gather all those popped balloons (or use new twisty balloons, if you'd like) and find some stretchy cord or elastic.
We found this 3mm elastic at the Dollar Store---perfect!

Next, cut your balloon strips into 2 inch pieces.  These are your balloon beads.
(You can use smaller pieces, but it's a little harder to keep them tight.)

Measure your child's wrist and add about 2 inches.  This is the length of elastic to use.
Tape one end of the elastic onto your surface. (Be sure the tape can come off easily.)

Thread a balloon bead onto the elastic and squish it tight to the tape. 
Hold it with your finger, then...

tape it down to stay in place.

-Thread balloon bead on.
-Push tight.
-Tape down.
Repeat and repeat until you have about a half inch of elastic left.

Peel off the tape and squish the balloon beads tight. 
(You may want to add a few more if needed.)
Tie a tight double knot with the two elastic ends.
Trim knot ends. 

Push the balloon beads over the knot, so it doesn't show.

With just a bit of help, my 9 year old was able to make these!

Now, this looks really strange, but these are old puppy balloon animals that we took apart.
The balloons were getting old, I was ready to pop them and throw them out, but decided to try and save them for bracelets.  I undid the twists and got this funny looking pile of deflated balloons.

I didn't let their funny looks stop me...

The finished bracelet almost looks like fabric.

Just in case you don't want to make a balloon bracelet there are many companies that sell them. 
I even found one on Etsy.  Click here for source.

Oh, and just to warn you...
These little bracelets are highly addicting!
 If you choose to make one--you won't be able to stop!

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  1. Michelle, those are so cute! My girls would love to wear bracelets like that. :) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting today. :)

  2. I bet if my daughter was older she would love these - at 2 she's already into all things girly - I've never seen them in the store - great job!

  3. You are awesome Michelle! I love it!

  4. These bracelets look like great fun! Thanks for stopping by my site! I am glad to have you aboard. I am following you back!

  5. those are pretty darn cute and daughter would love these...i don't know if i can stand the smell of the balloons though!

    thanks so much for linking up to fridays nice to 'meet' you too!


  6. How cool are these!
    I'm hosting a link party today over @ For Mamas. I'd love it if you stopped by & linked up!


  7. These are such a great idea. They would make a great party craft, too!

    My first blog party is going on now until noon tomorrow, and I'd love for you to link this beautiful project up! It's a party specifically for kids and teens crafts and projects, so your idea is perfect! Hope to see you there!


  8. It is just amazing what people come up with! Great idea! Thanks for shareing!

  9. These are so super cute! I will definitely be doing some of these. Thanks for sharing! I tweeted and shared on facebook!

  10. These are great!! I can't wait to make them with the kids at my after school program and my nieces! awesome, thanks for sharing!!

  11. Love it! What a great and original idea. Thank u for sharing

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  13. Oh my gosh! Genius!!! I'm totally pinning this so I can make these with my daughter. She'll love them!!!

  14. This is great, I love it! You did a fantastic job, I bet your kids love them!

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    Allison @ House of Hepworths

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  18. Thank you so much for linking up at Savvy HomeMade Monday, Michelle. I hope you will party again tomorrow!

  19. This is so cool! I am linking to it from my blog. I knew that there was something popped balloons could be used for!

  20. Hmmm... I'm thinking this would be a great for Sunday School in place of The Jelly Bean Prayer
    Red is for the blood He gave.
    Green is for the grass He made.
    Yellow is for the sun so bright.
    Orange is for the edge of night.
    Blue is for the sins we made.
    White is for the grace He gave.
    Purple is for His hour of sorrow.
    Pink is for our new tomorrow.
    A colorful bracelet, cheerful and sweet,
    Is a prayer, is a promise, is peace.

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  22. I'm a professional balloon artist and come home with a apron full of balloon scraps everynight. I never throw them out because it feels wasteful. Now I have something to do with them! SO EXCITED!!!

  23. About how many balloons did you use for each bracelet?

  24. Super cute!!! Pinning to my activities for my grandchildren board!

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