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Back to School Teacher Gifts!

Today is the first day of school around here! 

Truth be told...I have never given my kid's school teachers a First Day of School Gift. 
We've given gifts for every other occasion and holiday and end-of-the-year...but never on the first day...I'm trying to think why not?
...maybe because I was a teacher and it wasn't something practiced at my school?
...maybe I was too stressed out teaching that the thought never crossed my mind?
...maybe I didn't want my kids' teachers thinking I was being too 'what's the word'
-pushy -over-the-top -crazy?   
Well, all of that has changed!  I'm not teaching, I'm home with my kids, I'm not stressed (kinda), I've seen tons of blog teacher gift inspiration, the kids' teachers already know what kind of a mom I am (can't go changing) and 'bonus' my kids wanted to help! Yay! 

My 4th grade son chose the big jumbo sunglasses to give his teacher...he thought they were funny. Maybe his teacher will find a use for them...
funky spirit day, character reading, prop box, science goggles?
Remember, it's the thought that counts...not the actual gift, right?!

Pop out a lense and trace around on a piece of white paper.
Cut out two lenses.

Write your message on the paper lenses.
We wrote:
It's going to be one BRIGHT year
being in your CLASS!

I used letter stickers to spell out BRIGHT and CLASS.

Push the paper lenses in behind the real lenses.  Tape if needed.
Add a little tag tied on with a scrap of ribbon.


Now, my 5th grade daughter was too cool for sunglasses. She wanted something different for her teacher.

She picked out this rubberband ball from Target.
Definitely cooler than sunglasses?!

We slipped the ball into a bright dotted cellophane bag.

Added a cute tag (spelling error and all) and tied it on with ribbon.
Tag reads:

Bouncing with excitement
to be in your class!

My 'cool' 5th grader with her teacher gift.

To say these kids were excited for the First Day of School
would be an understatement!

Have a great school year!


  1. iLOVE that last photo. iLOVE those kidlets. and you.

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  3. LOVE the rubber band ball idea! i'm pinning it so i remember....might be stealing that one down the road :)

  4. So fun! Glad they're excited for school - I can tell you that there is a lower excitement level in the mornings now that we're in week 2 :)

  5. Wow!! This is so creative. Who wouldnt love to get one of these. Damn neat!! Really, love the idea! :)

  6. Love the rubber-band ball, especially for upper-grade teachers who might not have a props box anymore. I saw these at Wal-mart and wondered what to do with them. Thanks to you, now I know! :)

  7. Those glasses are seriously adorable and I love the more "grown-up" rubber band ball idea! :-) Thanks so much for sharing them with us at Inspiration Friday!

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