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A Puppy Themed Party

A Puppy-Themed Party for Nana!

Nana and Papa (my in-laws) got a new puppy this summer...

So...why not have a puppy themed birthday breakfast party?!  Why not?
I always love a good theme!

Decorations started with my son's (puppy) artwork...

and lots of my daughter's stuffed (puppy) animals sitting out.

The kids made 'puppy' balloon animals!
(They made SO many puppy balloon animals... that we decided to string them up over the dessert table.)

There were lots of puppy-themed treats!

Dollar Store dog dishes held Scooby Snacks.
(Scooby Snacks are dog bone shaped graham crackers that are found at the grocery store.)
I dipped one end into dark chocolate because...well, just because I LOVE chocolate and they needed a little something!

The Puppy Chow was...

Cocoa Puffs cereal...of course! 

The nuggets were chocolate dipped marshmallows...BUT...

These were not your ordinary marshmallows...
These are Coconut Marshmallows and
Caramel and Vanilla Marshmallows!
(Have you seen them in the stores? They're fabulous!)


Doo-Doo was...

Chocolate covered peanut clusters!
I labeled my metal scoops...Pooper Scoopers (hee hee).

Puppy Chews were fruit chew candies.

And my 'very talented' sister-in-law created the Puppy Cake!
Isn't it adorable?  The raspberry buttercream frosting was to die for!
Check out her many cake creations here:

On the breakfast table was a table runner cut from paw print wrapping paper found at the Dollar Store.
Dog dishes full of fruit decorated the table along with...

the 'Puppy Pop' place markers!

For breakfast we ate egg casserole,coffee cake and 'Puppy' waffles!
Click here for how we created these waffles.

Oh, what a party!
Happy Birthday Nana!
(Nana and her grand kids!)

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  1. jeffmariw@aol.comAugust 10, 2011 7:49 AM

    Did the puppy get to come?!!!

  2. I love this party - so much fun! I would have stood at the snack table the entire time - all of my favorites!

  3. I adore all your ultra fun details!! The doo-doo is hilarious!!!!!!

  4. Cute party! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I'm your newest follower:)

  5. This is hilarious and adorable all at the same time!

  6. Adorable! I did a puppy party for my 2 year old in May. I used a lot of the same snacks (the scooby snacks & the coco puffs!) I wished I would have thought about puppy bowls to serve them in - that's so cute!

  7. What an original theme! I found your link on I Heart Naptime. I would love to feature your party on my blog if you are interested!!

    Thank You!

  8. I love all the details!! AMAZING job!!!

    We are hosting a fun "party week" over at our blog next month and would love to feature you and this fun party!!

    If you're interested please email us at and put party week in the subject line ;)

    Thanks so much for sharing!!


  9. Hi Michelle!
    I wold like to know what the name of the font used to write the fly card table.
    Congratulations, your party is inspiring.
    Thanks if you can answer me.