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Hobby Lobby Love!

Over the week-end my family and I traveled across the state of Washington (about 300 miles) to visit my parents near Spokane.  It's important to know that Spokane is not only home to my folks,

it's also home to Hobby Lobby! 
 I LOVE Hobby Lobby!  Am I crazy?  Perhaps. 
To help explain this craziness, click here for the full story. 

The last time I visited Hobby Lobby, I spent just a few hours inside, walking down every aisle. 
This visit was no different, however I had a $25. gift card to spend!

Frugal Girls!

Yep, I won a gift card on the Frugal Girls website
Have you heard of the Frugal Girls?  This is a must see site!  They feature tons of deals, freebies, coupons, crafts and offer lots of giveaways! 
Check it out here.

Yes, I realize I could have spent my gift card online...but what is the fun in that?
So, as I was saying, I'm in Hobby Lobby trying to decide what to spend my gift card on...
when I run into a church friend I haven't seen in about 8 years! 

My friend now lives in Dallas and just happened to be visiting her sisters in Spokane for the week.  Today they were on a shopping trip in Hobby Lobby.
We had such a great time talking and catching up. 
She happened to know one of the employees working there, who told me...
are you ready for this..... 

Hobby Lobby in Seattle is opening this month---on October 28th!!!
October 28th just happens to be my birthday! 

Instead of traveling 285 miles (4.5 hours),
I now will be traveling 28 miles (40 minutes) to shop at Hobby Lobby! 
Talk about excitement!!  

I was hoping the Seattle Hobby Lobby store, which is actually located in Lynnwood, WA would be a bit closer to me...(across the street would have been perfect.) however, I will not complain!
I see a trip up to Lynnwood happening very shortly!  Anyone want to join me?

So, after all this excitement, I bet you're dying to know what I spent my $25. gift card on...
Was it Halloween treasures?

Crazy, bright and wild Christmas decorations?

Gorgeous metal lanterns?

A fun new clock?

Beautiful sparkly glassware?

Fun little boxes?

All tempting buys, but...  (have you guessed?)

It's a bit of a weakness!  I can never get enough!

(Click here to see the ribbon I bought and what I did with it!)

(You might see a few decorative balls in my bag, too.)

Oh, Hobby Lobby, it's been fun.
 I'll be seeing you soon!

Update: 10/20/11: Another Hobby Lobby will be opening in Everett, WA in January of 2012!

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  1. Your blog just made my day!! My brother and his family live in Bothell so I think I will be visiting them soon and making my way to Hobby Lobby!


  2. How fun to run into Sandi! Looks like a very fun, but a bit overwhelming, store. Perhaps I would like to go with you to the one opening in Seattle. :] Diana

  3. O i love that place!!! SO FUN!

  4. i'm super excited because they are opening a hobby lobby about 25 miles from my home. i've never been to one before but hear all about it in blogland. that ribbon section looks amazing!!!!!

  5. One of my favorite places... EVER! Great pics makes me want to go now! LOL! Thanks for sharing and linkin up! We appreciate you!

  6. I just LOVE Hob Lob - I get myself in way too much trouble though... I want to buy up the whole dang store!

    Kelsey :)

  7. I adore craft stores too. I went the other day by myself "just to return" some things and came out 3 hours later with $30 worth of fabric. If money was no issue I would live in Hobby Lobby

  8. My in-laws liver there too! I've been lost in that know one is opening in Lynnwood next week...

  9. Hi there! I found you through Completely Costal. I am from the Seattle area, born and raised. However, I moved to Eastern WA/ Lewiston, ID 2 years ago. Don't you just love Hobby Lobby. I need to take more trips up there! We're only 2 hrs away :) I'm your newest follower.

  10. Ok, being your newest follower, I'm a little late to the party but wanted to share some stuff with you:

    1) Hob Lob Lynnwood is scheduled to open on October 28. We live in Edmonds and I've been stalking the store. The sign is up and last I checked, it looked like they were getting stuff set up inside. (eek, so excited)

    2) I'm not sure how you store your ribbon but wanted to share how I do because it works GREAT!! Here's the post I did when I had to vacate the spare bedroom to turn it from craft room to nursery -

    BTW If you want a Hobby Lobby date, as long as we can plan it for a time when I can be kidless, I'd love to go exploring. I've never been in one but have spent some time on their website.


  11. Hobby Lobby is, indeed great for all hobby needs. Have you listened carefully to the background music while shopping? The H.L. founder is a Christian, and that's reflected in the music. I LOVE that! Carol