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New Year's Eve Party Decor and Food

I'm a bit behind on New Years' Eve this year.
Who knows what I'll come up with by tomorrow night?
In the meantime, I wanted to share with you last year's ideas.
(Just in case you missed them.)

For our New Year's Eve Decor, click here.

For our New Year's Eve Smashing Cake, click here.

For our New Year's Eve Fondue Menu, click here.

How are you celebrating this year? 


  1. Going to a friend's house, think I'll try out some apple chicken balls my sister raves about. Nothing like trying out a new to me recipe on friends, wish me luck.

  2. I seriously think I am celebrating in my pjs...haha As I get older I realize I'd much rather be in my warm home then out in the freezing Chicago weather till 2 in the morning (geez what a a bore I am!) Perhaps, my neighbors may talk me into hanging out with them. They usually have a little get-together. Okay, off to check out your decor from last year and btw don't forget to swing by the Best of 2012 Showcase party and share your favorite posts/projects of the year.

  3. Yum!! This cake for the NYE looks mouth-watering. I really can’t wait to eat such yummy cake. Anyway, my daughter’s 16th birthday is about to come and she wants a fun DIY party at some indoor event venues Chicago. So I will be making such pretty cake for her. I am sure she would love it.