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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teacher Appreciation-- You Knock Our Socks Off!

Comfy, fuzzy socks make a cute
little appreciation gift for teachers.

Simply bag up a fun pair of socks.
(We had a few men to thank as well as women.)

Print out this tag.  Click here.  And tie it on.

You can also add some fun foot care items or even...

a gift certificate for a pedicure.

My kids weren't too thrilled to give their teachers a pair of socks,
so we made some cookies as well.

I don't own a sock cookie cutter,
but I do have a Christmas stocking cookie cutter!

After making the sock cookies,
I dipped the toe and heel into dark chocolate,

and added two stripes at top.
(I thought they sort of looked like tube socks?)

Package them up in their own cellophane bags
and add them to the socks.

This past week-end, my son played Joshua in our
church's kid musical.

An 8 person crew of adults and teens work so hard
helping the kids practice and perform. 
We handed out these sock gifts to all the helpers.

What an amazing performance, kids!
Thanks for all your work, Kids Players Staff!

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  1. SOOOO cute Michelle! Love it all...I thought we were bad not getting out until June 13th :)

  2. adorable gift! I love the word "toe'tally" thanks for sharing!I found you from 52 Mantels